I try to say goodbye and I choke

No, I’m not saying goodbye to this blog. However Newsroom will be ending next season — as reported by pretty much every entertainment publication on the Internet.

It got me thinking about planed the final and about a show I completely love How I Met Your Mother.

I thought this last episode (Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra) was really bad. I conferred with a council of bros and the verdict was split: some loved it and others hated it.

The main point of contention was if this 22 minutes of television tied up enough (Marshall still has another slap). The Boyz II Men thing was also crazy and polarizing.

I think each episode in a final season has so much more pressure, especially in a show like HIMYM (with many plot points and a devoted following). A silly episode with much plot that probably would have been better for season 3 or 4 — BUT not this close to the end.

In response to this episode a few bros said they would prefer that the show just end (at it’s “prime” like a Breaking Bad) or that they were considering not watching anymore (even though they had invested so much time). This argument doesn’t hold much weight (for me), I’d prefer a TV series go one season too long (and it’s debatable if HIMYM did that or not, I won’t really judge until the season/series ends) than too short.

A very good season is still good even if it follows an amazing season. Shows don’t typically fall that much and that quickly (unless they are very volatile within seasons).

It’s very easy to overreact to one episode — and I have certainly done that with Newsroom, hell, I’ve probably overreacted to dialogue — but the best course of action is grab another beer and blog about it. Right? RIGHT?


~ by realfactsandbeer on January 15, 2014.

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