West Wing shutdown (Season 5, episode 8)

So, the government shutdown? Shock of shocks… since I’m a big West Wing fan and needed to write some form of blog post I will tackle the West Wing’s government shutdown and compare it to our current situation.

Bartlet: And I said no.
Haffley: Let’s be clear sir. You’ll be held responsible for shutting down the federal government.
Bartlet: Then shut it down.

It seems that Congress gets more of the blame than the President in these situations (Newt was blamed back in the day and now the I’m hearing tons of blame for the House Republicans).

Royce: I hate November.
Haffley: No no. Christmas came early this year.

Apparently, these Republicans are surprised that Bartlet pushed back… pretty much no one was surprised on this one.

Angela: We have to get them back in.
Bartlet: Not tonight. Damn! I probably missed the first half. Providence is going to get a whopping from my fighting Irish.

I never liked Angela as a character (she was supplanting Josh and the lemon Lyman had to stay). Bartlet may have been the only person in DC to care about Notre Dame vs. Providence basketball game.

Leo: Effective immediately, the U.S. government is shut down. We have no operating budget, so all non-essential personnel, anyone below special assistant, non-national security and public safety, go home until further notice. The President thanks you for your hard work and service.

Proof that Leo is the best Chief of Staff in history… he’s willing to answer these boneheaded questions? He’s the guy I want if I’m trapped in a hole.

Josh: Donna, listen carefully. You have to go home.
Donna: Seriously? So, Leo said everyone below special assistant.
Josh: He meant you.

Well, she’s special AND an assistant… can the girl get a promotion?

George: Isn’t this a bluff? I mean, there’s going to be a deal reached by midnight like there is every year, right?

George is just you average seasoned DC reporter — although this time most some reporters changed their tune.

Donna: And how good is Haffley?
Josh: He’s better than anyone we’ve seen on the other side of the table in a long time.

For someone so good he really screws up in the end… although he did capitalize on the President’s mistake.

Leo: Yeah. Treasury is worried about the debt ceiling.

Leo is the greatest, I wish every President had Leo.

Leo: It’s not always enough to be right sir.

Man, I miss Leo… just making sense, why don’t we have a Leo on Newsroom?

Child: It’s not fair! We drove all the way from to see grandma and the Constitution. Now we only get to see Grandma!

This is true, the national archives (where you would probably go to see the Constitution) are closed due to the shutdown.

C.J.: They keep saying they’re Scrooge, denying the needy. They say we’re addicted to spending. Both our negatives are up, but ours more. You see Newsweek?
Leo: Beats the cover of Time.

Ha, people caring (or even knowing) what’s on the cover of magazines… so dated.

Russell: No, he won’t! Like it or not, we have a Republican Congress. They get to write the budget. The President only gets to edit it a bit. You want to blame someone, call James Madison.
Leo: Thanks for the history lesson, sir. I’ll be sure to pass it on to the President.

Leo should have been VP, no — edit: Leo should have been President… Bartlet could have been a senior economic advisor.

Haffley: Right now they’d swallow five, but we’re going to be magnanimous.
Royce: We’re only 50 billion apart on the final budget. Why don’t I call Russell, suggest we skip the continuing resolution and cut a budget deal?
Haffley: We can get a much better deal on the budget if they sign our CR.
Royce: They caved, we won. How much more leverage do we need before we start
governing again?
Haffley: We are governing. We’re slowing the rate of federal spending increases,
we’re stopping this President from driving this country deeper into debt and leaving our children to pay for it. We’re doing what we told the voters we would do if they elected us!

Republicans are 87 times more evil on West Wing than any Democrats.

Donna: I went to that shutdown party.

Ain’t no party like a shutdown party.

Donna: When do you think I’ll get my essential paycheck? Rent’s due at the end of the month.
Josh: I’ll lend you money.
Donna: Yeah, but wouldn’t that just be emblematic of all these stop-gap continuing resolutions, taking out a loan, begging for an extension rather than grappling with the hard reality of…
Josh: You’re right. Get a cheaper apartment.

The Donna & Josh dynamic… I miss it.

Angela: The Speaker of the House was elected by 115,000 residents of Spokane, Washington. The President was elected by 51 million Americans.

I have no idea how/why that’s relevant at this point… Angela, just go away.

The part where Bartlet walks is awesome… Josh is getting it done… just watch


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