Newsroom Season 2, Episode 9 Election Night, Part II

I’m watching this delayed but will give my thoughts without pausing (will try to do a more detailed post later) — I can’t believe we are at the season finale already.

• “Great state of Kansas” — it doesn’t mater the state I find this really stupid
• Note: this is not how the majority of stories happen, trades are really rare
• I think they made the right call not making the trade, tabloid BS with a mistress doesn’t matter until it changes job performance

• “Senior staff” isn’t a term normally used in a newsroom
• How is Maggie senior? All these people aren’t senior
• Why don’t we pull the intern in since EVERYONE is senior
• Don is proving to be one of the most likable characters in this show
• Sloan stock is falling

• Drinks and twitter don’t mix very well… especially with CEOs
• Being high in a situation like this would be really dangerous
• I dislike the royal analogy… a lot
• Maggie’s roommate is back!

• This abbreviation issue is something that shouldn’t happen
• Jim is awful, why is he doubling-down on this?
• Why is anybody surprised that someone snuck a phone in? I would expect it

• Don is stepping up
• I haven’t seen Sloan talk with the decision desk — she has been less and less wonky

• All the bids are anonymous!
• Sloan is really nuts

• The character who gained the most likability? Don
• The lawyer is not “liquid sex”

• Jim’s biggest problem? He just can’t stop talking
• You gotta cut your losses at this point
• Question: Is intelligence an overrated quality in a date?

• DC throwing shade! Since Jerry was from Washington… wow
• Back to “journalistic malpractice”
• We get a big media conversation!
• Most people don’t like these silly media conversations, they are nice for people who care but most people don’t

• Occupy is not at all the same as the Tea Party — normally I would go on for a couple hundred words but the show just keeps going
• Sloan doesn’t seem to be doing anything

• WHAT! You can’t be plagiarizing! That is absolutely “journalistic malpractice”
• How did Jim even say that aloud?

• Wow, Sloan might have done one of the most romantically unprofessional things on this show
• ACN got the Presidential race right! Big victory, that nobody cares about because they expect you to bat 1.000

• I wouldn’t say that Jim, Mac, Will and Don are all that tough
• Note to aspiring journalists: always check your alerts, no matter the color
• Do any of these people break cache?

• Many news organizations don’t even let people vote… I guess ACN isn’t one of those
• Will is going to define what it means to be a Republican?
• Party ID is SO hard to define that I really don’t like any feeble attempts to explain what it means to be a Republican or Democrat
• “I don’t like losing” is a worthless statement

• Will’s proposal might be the worst accepted one in the history of Sorkin TV
• I’m now even less of a Mac-Will fan — if we get into a romanic comedy with them I don’t think I can continue

• Champaign and cigars in the control room! WHAT! Not allowed
• Did they do a fist bump on the air?
• I have no idea what I thought of that episode, I need to watch it at least two more times

Sorkin said “he’s not very good with bad guys” that IS true, but he isn’t good with “good guys” either
Sorkin also admits that this is “uncool” and not hip and that it is based on Sorkin’s father… he combats the earnestness with silliness
That’s one hell of an admission that I didn’t see coming
Sorkin’s post-show interviews are so good… possibly better than the regular show


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