Paging Aaron Sorkin, funny or die?

Oh boy, funny or die makes some good points and some that aren’t so good — but this is packaged in a great way.

“Great writing, it’s on HBO. Who doesn’t like HBO?”

It has great writing but I don’t get all the HBO love, I watch two HBO series (obviously one is the Newsroom) but don’t think they are a particularly good network.

“It’s not the greatest show on TV, that’s my answer”

I have NEVER in all my conversations about the Newsroom heard that it was the greatest show on TV. It’s talked about a lot, and hate-watched a ton but it isn’t the “greatest.” It’s not even most peoples favorite Sorkin show.

“Everyone loves the witty banter, but you can’t build a show on an actor’s ability to cram as many words into as few seconds as Sorkinly possible”

Ah, irony — good to see you! I don’t think the cramming words is what the show is based on, I would argue it’s based on judgement, ideology, ego or a host of other things more than simply talking fast.

The point that other shows has good dialogue or zingers:

I don’t think anybody argues that — but the Newsroom (or Sherlock or House) have dialogue MUCH better than the average show.

“Most Americans don’t disagree with Will McAvoy’s opinions”

I hate the double negative, but if the point is Will is a moderate and Americans are moderate I’ll buy it — sort of un-Sorkinesque.

“If HBO is wondering why their ratings aren’t hirer…”

HBO runs on a subscription model — ratings don’t matter since they don’t deal with advertisers. People will just subscribe to HBO for the Newsroom (yes, a small number but it helps drive more people to buy HBO) — this is where the argument went a little off the rails to me.

“Newsroom treats anyone who disagrees with it like red neck Tea Partiers more concerned with losing their assault riffles than making some sort of difference in the world”

I truly agree with this, it’s one of the things that bugs me about the show.

“One of the things that made the West Wing so great was that they often presented opposing ideological forces with noble intent”

I LOVE the West Wing, but I don’t think you could make an argument that they fairly presented opposing viewpoints and I find it very difficult to determine Sorkin’s intent (when, btw the liberal point of view pretty much always won in the West Wing).

The Nielsen ratings thing

I’ve been through that Nielsens don’t matter to HBO, but they are also an awful measure of what people watch — really a bad measure — now, I’m going to stop myself from going on that rant and move on.

“It’s soundtrack is Coldplay”

Is there something wrong with Coldplay? I didn’t know people had such hatred for them! As far as I know only one Coldplay song was in the Newsroom.

“It has the worst. Writing. Period. For. Period. Women. Period. Ever. Period. Period.”

The horrible writing for women needs to be addressed in another post — it’s pretty bad. The worst ever? And making fun of the one time he had someone do the “period” gimmick (was not a female and Mac made fun of it) is silly.

“I don’t know what you are talking about! Olivia Munn?”

That’s the redeeming quality?

The last part was very Sorkinesque — in the way Newsroom is — IE: the majority of Americans could not name every contestant of the Bachelorette.

What did you guys think of the video?


~ by realfactsandbeer on September 10, 2013.

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