Newsroom Election Night, Part I, Season 2, episode 8

We interrupt those Boys on the Bus posts (that you probably weren’t reading) for more Newsroom… we’ll play this blog post by ear.

Talking on staircases sucks, you know what sucks even more? Skyping to spiral staircases.
I’m still not sure Hallie knows what “off the record means”

“East coast intellectual standards” — LOL
I don’t understand how Will is so chill and I vote that he shouldn’t ever be in charge of moral (a true Sorkinism)
Great use of “True story” by Will/Sorkin
Father Flanagan shout out! I haven’t heard that name in a LONG time
“Liquid Sex” — I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing… having sex WITH a liquid sounds difficult (note: I didn’t say hard for a reason)

Will and Charlie’s hug seemed awkward and not fitting with the newsroom

Eliot’s rhyme was awesome — I hope everyone caught it
How does Eliot not put seniority on this?

“Be less desperate for female friends” Eliot to Sloan… I wish I could pull off saying that (I know I can’t)
“I’m going to own you at there” not a good comeback for Sloan

Why is Neal unable to shut up about social media? I don’t know anybody who talks about it as much as he does (even those who work in social media)
Sloan is really strange, I know most of Sorkin’s female characters are a little odd but Sloan got an extra dose of the crazy juice
Neal is also a tool

WOW, we get the rape stuff — I’m a little surprised that it took so long
“She’s a Republican… I love that she’s doing the right thing” Don on Taylor — I hate how much elitism is in this show
Yet we can’t like the Republican for so long since she is doing this as a get back at Jim thing
Don and Maggie are so much better now than when they were a couple

Here is a picture of Joey Heatherton (hopefully the haircut Don meant)Joey Heatherton

8:30 eastern? That probably wouldn’t be enough time to swing an election (unless it was super tight)

The Abbott and Costello thing wasn’t all that good or well played — man, is this a bad episode or am I just in a really bad mood? I’ll have to rewatch later.
Why don’t any of these people sit down? They have a lot of chairs
“You are the most attractive woman I have ever seen in real life” Will to Mac, I had a snarky comment that was bad, I’m not even going to type it
Will’s description of what election coverage is nuts… it’s also awesome
Will had never heard Mac use the word fuck as a verb — why?
I love that Mac had a number, I wish she wasn’t kidding

Our elections suck, we get less than 50 percent of people to show up (yes, I know some use absentee, but still)

I also thought election night 2012 was rather predictable, the polls were really good
Why did they have a Republican strategist but not a Dem? Why did they have a strategist at all? I know cable news shows do it but they serve no purpose
I don’t like the saying “the great state of…” you can only use it if you throw in things like “the mediocre state of…” or “the meh state of…”

Parties where people take your phone SUCK, I really never want to go to another of those again
“I’d like to be stupid right now” Reese, at least he’s honest

If a news organization doesn’t have credibility it doesn’t matter what else it has — really on the money from Charlie, I’m getting sucked back in
“I’m stealth” liquid sex isn’t stealth, just saying
I agree with Reese and really like his point of view
Reese might be one of my favorite characters, at least he’s consistent

Jim knows hair… “Your hair is the color of goodness” — I know it’s corny but I think that line would work for the actor
Men should never ask why women cut their hair

They should not be shwowing the decision desk, that’s really stupid
Stats people shouldn’t be on TV for the most part and most of them wouldn’t be wearing suits
iNews! Wow, that’s a real program… nice detail
This Eliot thing is absolutely terrible

Sloan’s face always looks like she wants to be sassed
I love the Cambridge vs. Oxford rivalry getting some love!

Jerry applied for a job at Kickstarter? What journalism does Kickstarter do?
Don’s judgement was pretty much on the money
Where are the J school rivalries? Mizzou vs. Columbia? Cuse vs. Northwestern? I’m such a nerd

Sloan really sucks at this, why is she even on election coverage?
I can’t believe Jim doesn’t know his state abbreviations and MS is obvious
They really blindfolded her? That’s nuts, they need to stop her from hearing things as well

Sloan is awful, she shouldn’t even get another job
This election coverage is awful and unprofessional
Wow, all the female characters in Newsroom are nuts

Why does Mac have a metrocard thumbtacked on her cork board?
Interesting that Will uses the past tense, “I was a good guy”

Don’s story (while true) is also really tabloid-y
I’m not sure it fits in News Night 2.0 (or whatever number)
A producer vs. an anchor — that can’t end well

How the hell is the next episode the season finale? That’s nuts!

I’ll try to rewatch and write a more comprehensive blog


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One Response to “Newsroom Election Night, Part I, Season 2, episode 8”

  1. While you were right about Sloan on this episode – she was really awful, and childish – but this was her first bad show. Or said dofferently – the first time that Sorkin wrote a really poor episode for her character.

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