Newsroom Red Team III, Season 2 Episode 7

I would have liked to write more about the last episode (and hopefully will write more than one post about this episode), but here are my rules for this recap: No pausing, no rewinding, get it posted ASAP and no editing. Apologies for all typos/spelling or grammar mistakes. I’m also writing this on a phone

• Trying a poll for the first time… hope it works

Previously on the Newsroom
• Is Jim on ever on the wrong side of an issue? Is he always the voice of reason?
• Phone confirmations are a recurring thing here at ACN

Don with the lawyer
• Fifth day doesn’t seem so long
• Don seems to have not figured out the legal system — you almost always need a lawyer, that’s life in America
• They finally get to explain the Red Cells (blood cell metaphor)
— I have never heard it used as a “Red Team” — although the same process happens

Red Team III
• I still don’t think Charlie’s source is as good as everyone said
• Running a big news website still makes you a journalist and makes you qualified to do that stuff — it’s really unbelievable to say otherwise
• Will heard the SAME STORY!?! HOLY SHIT
• It absolutely matters who each source is and how reliable they are and if they are the same
• The election consideration is weak, the other considerations are important
• Will’s statement, “I trust Charlie and Mac” — note he didn’t say “we have this story”

ACN Reports: Operation Genoa
• Will’s opening statement was VERY strong, much stronger than I would have written
• Off topic, but why is Sloan (an economics reporter) doing an interview on this?
• Where has Eliot been all season?

Charlie, Mac and Will on Will’s office
• “It’s on film” doesn’t matter
• Raw footage needs to happened
• It’s really hard to celebrate these things — these stories are the type that you feel good and then get drinks… you don’t celebrate

The Book
• This isn’t what I call the book — so much strange terminology
• Mac is really screwing up science fiction

Mac and newspapers
• Mac needs to stop highlighting newspapers, it’s really bad practice (the ink runs)

Charlie’s meeting
• Everyone stands by the story because if they didn’t what are they going to do?
• They HAVE to say yes
• If you say no you are just second-guessing your whole team

Elliot’s Show
• Sloan would thrive in jail? That’s incredibly stupid
• Sloan: Sometimes boys are vague with their messages — really? I think they are much more straight-forward
• Brain injury that they didn’t know about is BAD NEWS

• “Why would he lie about a story that isn’t true” That’s not working
• Will (or Charlie) has to lead this discussion
• Will’s source said stand by the story? Whoa

• Reporters almost always ask leading questions, hell — many lawyers ask leading questions (and get away with them)

Charlie vs. Source
• I found this incredibly incredible and not realistic
• The source is ruining a lot more than Charlie with this
• That scene might be the most unbelievable scene in Newsroom history

Mac finds out what’s wrong with Genoa

• As many have predicted, the shot clock did Jerry in
• Will admits that it was an institutional failure? That is damning
• Everyone is going to resign?

• This last scene makes so little sense — I’m going to have to read more into this later



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One Response to “Newsroom Red Team III, Season 2 Episode 7”

  1. By the way – who was Will’s source?
    Sloan Thriving in prison – this was a reference to the Shawshank movie – or said another way – Sorkin was just showing off.
    No reference as to how superbly Rebecca Halliday handled each and every one of those she interviewed in this episode.

    Prediction – Dantana wins the suit but the jury awards zero damages.

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