Newsroom ‘One Step Too Many’

Trying something new here, this won’t be anywhere near as long/detailed as my previous entries but here are my thoughts watching this ONCE (no pausing, no rewinding) and mostly in list form. We’ll see how it goes.


• Highlighting a newspaper makes no sense
• TV people type that slowly? Why we need print/web people

First Red Team Meeting

• These guys figured out Powerpoint! I’m so proud
• They also have binders! Such a high class meetings (we almost never get bound packets)
• Where is Will in this meeting? Is he no longer on the red team?
• The number of reindeers came up — Santa and chemical weapons that’s not a normal combination
• Jerry “It happened” that’s not the type of thing you would want to here in this meeting
• 24 hours for comment from the Pentagon seems pretty quick for this
• Is this the first time that Jim and Don are really on the same side of an issue?


• Hallie is back!
• Traditionally you don’t Skype in the Newsroom
• “Discretional time” is an awesome euphemism
• Gary gives great advice

The Show
• I don’t find stories about people “doing nothing” very interesting — because they can be summarized in one headline
• I realize they renamed 40 post offices but don’t have the context as to is that more, less or the same as normal?

Will and Sloan
• The less said about John Carter the better
• Will did his own focus group? That’s really dangerous

Charlie and Mac with the general
• Jokes about Mac driving on the right side of the road should be made
• “Regular negligence” is no defense
• This guy doesn’t seem like a reliable source
• Having a basketball game make the recording hard to transcribe
• World Cup doesn’t compare to those sports — but March Madness is really overrated
• I don’t like the basketball free-throw analogy

Will on Santorum
• Will is really trying to run over/through his guests — that would be an issue
• I’m a little confused about how Romney got brought up (will watch this again)

Jim, Neil
• Jims rules for dates is awesome
• Neil had a great response to the fact that he loathed
• Gaffes should be covered

Don and Mac at a bar
• EVERYONE can drink at bars alone — don’t believe the stigma
• “Confirmed” is a little strong but it seems pretty good

Will’s apartment
• “Using your prosecutorial skills” — aren’t they supposed to use the talent’s skill?

Don and Mac at a bar
• “Jerry has committed the crime of not being Jim Harper” — that’s a hellova crime
• “This is how every man thinks” — I don’t like that generalization

Will’s apartment
• Will and hobos have pretty much nothing in common
• No network is really built around one person
• What would a gossip columnist know about TV ratings?

Double date
• This is an awful double date
• “We need freedom” — that’s awesome
• Taylor got fired? Then why is she still talking up Romney

Jim, Hallie and Maggie
• And Jim can fix computers now? I was under the impression Neil was the only one who could turn them on
• The look on Jim’s face is priceless (unless you’re seeing it in a mirror)

Don and Maggie in a bar
• Drunk Don is probably the best version of the character
• Drunk Don’s default is trusting — so refreshing
• Don was at Newsweek in 2005? He used to be in the magazine game?

Maggie and Jim
• At least Maggie is sober enough to see through Jim’s stupid lie

Wall on AM
• Throwing through the tire?
• I thought he was a better baseball player than football
• The helmet is really stupid

• I suspect Sloan is right, I really wish they would show this instead of a monologue
• “A women is like a tea bag” — I’m sure a tea bag joke is around but I can’ pause it so I’ll move on
• The Sloan-Will dynamic hasn’t been explored much so far

General interview
• If the TV is in the shot then he can’t see it, so you might as well turn it off
• He has said Genoa happened, but he hasn’t said exactly WHAT happened
• Jerry should have kept pushing to confirm
• Jerry’s editing of the piece would be the biggest example “journalistic malpractice” (that was talked about in season one) that I have ever seen

Second Red Team Meeting

• Maybe it’s just me, but this did seem pretty jerky
• He then lied to all these people about the raw footage
• Charlie wants another witness and that’s always a good idea
• Jerry doesn’t have moral authority now
• Now Jerry is going into Drones and other things — Charlie needs to interrupt him
• I do think the fact that members of the media liked Obama effected some coverage of the president and campaign

Charlie in deposition

• Two people named the same thing… how did they verify? Shouldn’t they have his army ID number?
• This whole story is going to fall apart really quickly — I’m really excited for the next episode and will probably do another post on this one.


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7 Responses to “Newsroom ‘One Step Too Many’”

  1. The basketball game may have a clock in view. Dantana’s edit may have erased a second off the ticking clock (if there is one in view). The basketball game is also present to establish when the interview took place.

  2. When Mac says “I want to see the raw footage” (which was also doctored) – look right and up behind the General. The basketball match on TV “jumps” which is probably how Jerry will be caught for forging the whole thing. Probably the General is a part of the whole conspiracy and will not complain. I think Jerry is too ambitious and trying too hard to prove he is a good journalist which usually leads to epic failures. He has been misled because he is too full of himself. Just an opinion. Was there really a Genoa black op? I am not very familiar with US politics. Good post!

    • Operation Genoa was NOT real — I might write a post talking about how real/plausible this is (since you are not the only one to think about that)

    • The story relates to an op, Tailwind, in the Vietnam war which CNN reported on years after the fact. Read up on Tailwind and you can see which direction Newsroom is going.

      • Thank you! Amazing story! So obviously Jerry will be fired, may be Charlie will resign. As for the others – I can’t even begin to guess. The good thing is that although there is a real story behind the Genoa plot in The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin put personal motivation in the reactions of every character

    • I had the feeling he did it because he just wanted to get the administration for other semi-related atrocities. He was just out for blood, he didn’t care how he did it.

      Not defending the guy, he’s still a disgusting ass.

  3. As Jerry was editing the interview, I had to pause it for a few minutes because I felt shocked, and a bit sick.

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