Newsroom ‘Unintended Consequences’ Season 2, Episode 4

Let’s get right into it:

Rebecca Halliday: This is gonna be simple. Your testimony revolves
around two words.
Maggie Jordan: It happened.
Rebecca: It happened.
Maggie: The general didn’t say that.
Rebecca: OK
Maggie: And even if he had, he never said it on the tape.

So the point of Maggie’s testimony on Operation Genoa has to do with an interview with a general and (presumably) if he said Genoa happened or not.

Rebecca: On March 22 of this year, you and Jerry Dantana conducted an interview with General Stanislaus Stomtonovich.

Nice, now we have a name and a date… progress.

Maggie: I have checked you out, Rebecca, and you don’t handle wrongful termination suits. You’re a First Amendment lawyer.

Finally some information on Rebecca.

Maggie: Well, I’d like to once and for all abudiate the notion that I am messed up.

I love that TV people are allowed to make up words, I wish we let print people do that.

Maggie: Seriously, that part of this case would be hanging on my state of mind six months later, by the way, when we interviewed Stomtonovich…

Six months is a fairly long amount of time — I think Maggie has a point. Another point: Wouldn’t her hair have grown back more in six-plus months (unless she kept it short)?

Rebecca: The fact that it’s in Jerry Dantana’s affidavit implies it is relevant. He says that you were on prescription medications when you came back from Africa, probably a series of SSRis, serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

The Mayo Clinic has a list of side effects for SSRIs:

• Nausea
• Nervousness, agitation or restlessness
• Dizziness
• Reduced sexual desire or difficulty reaching orgasm or inability to maintain an erection (erectile dysfunction), obviously not an issue here
• Drowsiness
• Insomnia
• Weight gain or loss
• Headache
• Dry mouth
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea

Notably, mishearing and hallucinations are not among these, the medication seems to be largely irrelevant. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be brought up — I’m saying it really shouldn’t be brought up.

Rebecca: What I would do if I were them is I would put you in front of a jury and I would make you tell the Africa story and I would be good and sure that you broke down while you were telling it.

Isn’t that a sad statement about our legal system?

Maggie: Right before Will just murderlized this woman from OWS.

For those keeping score at home — “murderlized” isn’t a word.

Neal Sampat: It’s just that it’s a unit of measurement I hear invoked more and more. “A lot of my friends.”
Shelly Wexler: Mainstream media’s been making us look like idiots since this thing started.
Neal: Don’t refer to the mainstream media out there. It always sounds like a losing team complaining about the ref.
Shelly: ‘Cause that’s what you always make it sound like.

Ugh, no that’s how the public interprets what you are saying — the editors don’t piece together the tape here, they put on air exactly what you say. I also applaud Neal for wanting a more standard unit of measurement.

Jerry Dantana: Something’s got to fall into our lap. Something’s got to fall out of the sky and right into our lap. A preposterous stroke of luck has to occur.
Shelly: A guy down at OWS was telling a campfire story about working for an NGO and getting the NGO shut down by the Pakistani government because he wrote a report saying US troops used chemical weapons on civilians. You should talk to him.

This is a similar thing that happened with the BP thing in season one. It’s very Sorkin.

Will McAvoy: If your congressman or your senator or the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee or the Speaker of the House wanted to hear the demands of OWS, who would they meet with?
Shelly: We’re not looking for a meeting.
Will: They wouldn’t be able to meet with anyone, right?
Shelly: Look–
Will: I’m trying to find virtue of a leaderless movement where everyone’s voices are heard.

This isn’t an unfair point. If you are coming on the show as a representative but not a “leader” that is something you should be expected to explain.

Will: What is your best-case scenario for how this ends?
Shelly: That it doesn’t end

That’s a MAJOR issue with OWS.

Taylor: I hate the press in ways you can’t even comprehend.
Jim Harper: I can comprehend the ways. And hating the press is an excellent credential for a press officer.

A press officer really should like/value the press or they will hate every second they are doing their jobs.

Hallie Shea: These things aren’t supposed to happen to me. I went to Vassar.
Jim: Did you like it
Hallie: Yeah.
Jim: And Vassar versa, I’m sure.

First Vassar mention. I don’t get it, Vassar is a good school (I know a bunch of people who went there) but it doesn’t connect with a pure sense of entitlement. I could understand Harvard or Princeton but (generally speaking) people who go to small liberal arts schools tend to have an underdog mindset.

Maggie: Sometimes there’s mud. Sometimes there’s a genocide. But there wasn’t much of either that day, so we got there by early afternoon.

To be a traffic reporter in Nakapiripirit (and Maggie can spell it! Easily — wowser).

Evan: Hallie, what the hell is going on? Why is everybody but us writing about the job speech Romney’s gonna give in Las Vegas?
Hallie: Yeah, I know. I’m sorry, Evan. The rest of the press corps got an advanced copy.
Evan: Why didn’t you?
Hallie: I wasn’t on the bus.
Evan: You said this stunt wasn’t gonna fuck anything up.
Hallie: It won’t.
Evan: It just did.
Hallie: I’m at all the campaign stops and I’ll be in Vegas for the speech.
Evan: But everybody else got an advanced copy and they’re writing about it. We look like we’re doing this from home.

This Evan guy thinks people care about advance copies? Oh, jeez — newsflash they don’t and editors (especially editors of websites that track traffic) know this. If you don’t get your story out fast enough it could cause problems (although it probably won’t in this case). A question (and I don’t know if this would be the case for Romney) wouldn’t the campaign embargo this information anyway? Then how would Evan know?

Evan: No, if I don’t get something back, I’m giving it to you. So unless you want to put on heels and fuck me for an hour, you need to stop being a little bitch.

She need to put on the heels AND THEN fuck him for an hour — how much would it be if she didn’t put on the heels? Behavior like this from an editor at the Denver Post or major outlets would get the editor fired, one strike, zero tolerance (I realize she doesn’t work for the Post anymore and that situations can be vastly different at small blogs).

Sloan Sabbith: Kodak is dropping like a sack of flour. I’ll never let go, Kodak. I’ll never let go. But people should really sell their stock in Kodak because by this afternoon–

An economist emotionally attached to a stock wouldn’t end well.

Mac: The woman we had on from OWS Friday night thought she was mistreated.
Sloan: She was.

I disagree with that.

Shelly: I’ve got to leave. You guys are condescending.
Sloan: Really? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure I wasn’t just the one who distinguished myself from rubes by saying, “I teach college.”

This is the Sorkin back-and-forth that I love, it isn’t as tightly written, things aren’t completely explained but it’s more about the energy (and the beat) than the words.

Maggie: “This is the house. The house on East 88th Street. Mr. and Mrs. Primm and their son Joshua live in the house on East 88th Street.”

This is from The House on East 88th Street by Bernard Waber… here is his New York Times obit.

Taylor: And Joe Biden is Catholic. Catholics don’t allow women to be priests. Is Joe fighting a war on women?

A fair question in other contexts (IE: a debate) but not from the press secretary.

Jim: Is that the official comment of the Romney campaign?
Taylor: You know, go fuck yourself, Jim. That is the official comment of the Romney campaign.

If Jim was a good print reporter his tape recorder would have gotten that.

Shelly: Let this serve as electroshock therapy. Every time you want to look down your nose at someone–
Don Keefer: Maybe we’re not the ones who need therapy. Maybe your debilitating persecution complex could be, if not cured, then put in remission by a team of Viennese specialists.

All these characters are getting int their own ways with elegance of thought.

Hallie: I’m killing it. You know why? Vassar. Kaboom.

Vassar reference No. 2 — I still don’t get it. You really think four years completely defined your life? Much more than other 20-plus years?

A few points about the Skype conversation: Why doesn’t he have headphones? Why doesn’t Taylor type in the hall (she could go 5 min without the web for writing).

Will: Your movement sucks, Shelly.
Shelly: I’m sure it looks that way from the outside.
Will: And right there is your problem, ’cause who the fuck cares what it looks like from the inside?

That’s really true.

Will: Slavery, suffrage, civil rights, Vietnam– What all those things have in common is there were leaders. And the only thing the leaders cared about was getting it done. And if you guys had leaders who could find a map with a fuckin’ map, they’d tell you the thing about capitalism is it’s politically accountable. Did you watch my show tonight? Did you see anybody courting the OWS vote? ‘Cause all eight candidates for the Republican nomination said the words “Tea Party” today in a bite they knew would get picked up.

Dropping knowledge.

Will: I slapped you around to burnish my reputation as a moderate. You were a handy prop and I’m sorry I embarrassed you. I’m not smug. I’m having a crisis of confidence.

That’s a little ridiculous, I don’t think it only had to do with being a moderate.

I don’t want to get into a discussion over the name of Romney’s ranch — it’s a part of the story and Mac’s comment of “Upon which was painted a derogatory epithet for an African-American” is perfectly acceptable.

Hallie: It’s all right ’cause I — I’m the rebound. And I went to Vassar.
Jim: I think that Vassar has a really strong old on you ’cause you seem to have a lot of anxiety about living up–

More Vassar. Don’t get this one either — maybe I need to take a trip to Poughkeepsie… on second thought.

Maggie: The doctor prescribed Paxil, but I don’t take it.

Not taking it is worse than taking it.

Maggie: They were there ’cause they spotted us filming the engineers and I pulled him out from under the bed forcibly and his spine ended up stopping a bullet that was plainly gonna hit me, so it’s obviously something I’m gonna remember, but…

This is pretty awful, I don’t really have anything to add.

Pastor Moses: He’s never seen hair like yours. That color is called blonde, Daniel, and it’s nothing but trouble.

I didn’t find this very funny and still don’t really get why it caused her to cut her hair… wouldn’t it have been the same with different hair?

I’m surprised you guys made it this far. Congrats here is a preview of the next episode:

Honestly, I’m really not looking forward to the next episode — the Martin case is starting and I’m not looking forward to it.


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One Response to “Newsroom ‘Unintended Consequences’ Season 2, Episode 4”

  1. I just found the Newsroom in June 2015–. You know, I’m sure, that many of your comments are totally off the wall and not in the same universe the show is being broadcast in. But you are fun to read. As a true Sorken devotee, there are some things I’d think you’d have become inured to. I always wish he had a name bank. Certain unusual names have frequency values assigned to them. Some can come out once only (stackhouse in what I think was either all season three or one in season 2 and one in season 3. Two senators, on opposite sides of the aisle, different states. That is just too unusual name of the type and time. When these unusual names from ww start showing up again 15 years later, in the newsroom I imagine Aaron going to his na-na blanket bin of names that make him feel warm and cuddly with the scene. Then I know my name bank idea has come into is own. He makes a lot of money. He can pay a therapist to help him see that all names are inherently warm and fuzzy. He has good associations With some … I’m suddenly disinterested in the process of the therapy, and just hope my goals for his therapy Work out.

    One bit of WW exposition in the script when they are getting ready to go to Iceland out or Norway. The chair of joint chiefs has to explain what heavy water is to the president? Please. People who got double 800 on their SAT don’t know what heavy and light water are. And he’s been a multi-term governor, multi-Term congressman, and has also just been this massive intelligence awake and aware in the world like a Montessori 5-year-old in an older man’s body: just absorbing knowledge like a sponge. Yet somehow before I graduated high school from a genuine blackboard jungle, I knew the difference between heavy water and light water. And my SAT doesn’t break 1400. I’m just sayin. Go’on an figger that’un out. That’s a dog that just won’t hunt.

    Sorry about the intermittent capitalization. The Swype keyboard does it. I love the Tool, but it has some bugs left to fix.,

    Had a lot of enjoyment reading Your comments. Thought a good portion were suitable for mulching, drying, and shedding to create a marvelous soil amendment. Even those were fun to read.

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