Newsroom ‘The Genoa Tip’ Season 2, Episode 2

Seems that this blog has picked up a few viewers since the last time I posted, welcome. Let’s get on with the show.

Jim Harper: Hey, Cameron
Advance Jackass: Good morning, sir

Man, I wish I had done some sort of contest where we tried guessing Advance Jackass’ name. I probably would have guessed Willard or Tagg (and have been completely wrong).

Jim: You guys are running for president. You’re gonna have to get used to bad press.
Jackass: As a Republican campaign, what kind of experience would we have with bad press?
Jim: Yeah —
Jackass: How would we build up that part of our immune system?
Jim: Cameron, straight up, the story I file today will be about how the governor wouldn’t let an ACN reporter on the press bus.
Jackass: And he’ll experience a five-point bump in the polls.

I know the “five-point bump” is a joke and I really think that a great joke can be made about Romney’s staff and polls — Urgh can’t get off focus so early. Please add your jokes in the comment section (I may come back to this later). Just spend a second thinking about what kind of story would cause a “five-point bump in the polls.”

Sloan Sabbith: You should call him
Maggie Jordan: I’ve called him. I’ve called him a lot. He’s not taking my calls.
Sloan: It’s 6:00 a.m. He could be sleeping
Maggie: If it goes to voicemail after two rings, they saw your name and sent you to voicemail.
Sloan: Really?
Maggie: Four rings, they’re not there. Two rings, they don’t want to talk to you.

Is this true? I really have no idea — if so, is it true with all phones? Sorry, I tend to send emails and texts instead of calling and phones and really hate leaving voicemail.

Jerry Dantana: I need to tell you a story Cyrus West told me last night after the panel.
MacKenzie McHale: Cyrus West question mark? Hmm, ellipses…
Jerry: I booked a bad guest. How long do you guys give people shit in New York?
Mac: Ask A-Rod

My favorite exchange of the season so far. A-Rod had no comment on this matter and strained his quad just thinking about it.

Jerry: All right, well, uh, this is gonna sound — I get that this is gonna sound crazy, but West says about a year ago, there was a MARSOC extraction just across the border in Pakistan. Two of our guys were being held in a village along with civilians, including women and children. And he says we used sarin gas.
Mac: What made you think that was gonna sound crazy?
Jerry: I know that it’s probably —
Mac: Sarin gas? On civilians?
Jerry: During an extraction the first team of MARSOCs were overrun by Taliban fighters and a second wave of Marines came in on a helicopter a minute later and dropped gas.

So we’ve got some more info on Genoa and it seems to go pretty well with what I thought before.

Mac: What you’re describing would have involved about 50 people. 15 on the first wave, 15 on the second wave, a ground crew to load the gas on the helos. What 50 people could keep that secret?
Jerry: You know the name of the shooter in Abbottabad?
Mac: No.
Jerry: Those 50 people, to start with. You think SEALs are better at keeping a secret than MARSOCs?

I think Jerry’s point is a good one. I really hope that the military has AT LEAST a couple hundred people who could keep that kind of secret.

Jerry: If I was Jim, would you be paying attention?
Mac: I am paying attention

I really expected Mac to answer “You’re not Jim” and Jerry to say something like “But I can be” — glad it went the way it did.

Elliot Hirsch: See, this is what I’m talking about — Women and closets.
Sloan: What about men and showers?
Will McAvoy: I’ve got an awesome shower. I love my shower.

Aaron Sorkin and his showers (here is a link). I will say a shower is so much more important than a closet to me.

Sloan: Where is she keeping her clothes in the meantime?
Elliot: My closet
Sloan: And where are you keeping your clothes?
Elliot: The shower

That sounds awful! No wonder he is building the closet.

Don Keefer: Troy Davis.
Will: I think he’s going to get clemency.

Important to note: Troy Davis is a real case. Here is a link to the CNN story.

Don: He’s a black guy accused of killing a white cop in Georgia. That hardly ever goes well for the black guy.
Will: He’s not accused, he’s convicted. And it didn’t turn out great
for the white cop, either.
Don: He spent 20 years in a cell, Seven of the nine witnesses have recanted their testimony, and of the two left, one of them is the primary
alternate suspect.
Will: I’ve been covering the story, just like you.
Don: Not just like me.
Will: You’re right.

I really felt that the Troy Davis story could have been it’s own episode or shouldn’t be included. It seemed that we had a bunch of stuff mushed together into one episode: Genoa, Davis, Africa, Occupy Wall Street, Anonymous and the 9/11 piece. I think each could have been a good episode on their own

Don: I’ve been covering it for nine years. I go down there every six months. We write letters. I know the man. There’s reasonable doubt all over the place, and in three weeks, we’re gonna kill him.

Don seems to be acting as an advocate for Davis and I think that would make it very hard for him to objectively produce a TV piece. ACN is probably not happy that one of the senior producers is acting in an advocacy role in something that he is covering.

Will: Look, I get that you want a pro-death penalty crime fighter making noise, but there’s a difference between reporting a story and advocating for a cop killer.
Don: Alleged.
Will: Not alleged, convicted.
Don: Do you see any reasonable doubt?
Will: I don’t get a vote.
Don: I’m just asking if you see any reasonable–
Will: Of course I do.

I’m wondering what Newsnight coverage of the Davis case was like, we’re they just reporting the facts without Will providing any opinion? Did they have a panel discussion with all sides represented? This is why I wish this was a full episode or not included.

Charlie Skinner: I’ve been learning a little bit about you. You’re the oldest son?
Will: Yeah
Charlie: You had to protect your sisters and your brother and your mom from a pretty violent father, it sounds like. Do it again. I’ve got faith in you.
Will: Why?
Charlie: I’m out of options.

The volume on this was very low for me and I don’t know why but it gives some insight to Will’s and Charlie’s characters so I thought I would throw it on the blog.

Maggie: Oh, she just posted three minutes ago. “My underwear is on gentle cycle while my love life is being scraped against a rock.” And she’s at a Laundromat in Astoria. If she just put clothes in the gentle cycle three minutes ago, she’s got another 42 minutes, plus 50 minutes in the dryer. I can take the 7 to Queensboro Plaza, transfer to the N. I can make it.

Just one more reason I’m not on Foursquare.

Maggie: You don’t have to be scared.
Erica: Why would you even say that?
Maggie: Sorry, that was stupid. I’m Maggie Jordan. I was the one who screamed at the bus like a lunatic that night.

This is why people make an argument that all the female characters are stupid… and it gets worse (cringeworthy).

Sloan: Tweet this — “As China’s reliance on oil increases, investors would be well-tipped to look toward Nigeria for the next supply boom.”

That would leave 24 characters left… hope Sloan’s twitter username is short.

Jackass: 8:30 we start with a business roundtable where the governor will be talking about how to fix Obama’s stalled economy. Then we go to Claremont for an 11:00 a.m. Freedom Forum where he’ll talk about Obama’s stalled economy and how to fix it. Lunch is turkey sandwiches. And then at 3:00 p.m. town hall meeting where Governor Romney will be taking questions from voters about how he’s gonna fix the economy.

I wonder what Romney’s message calendar said for that day …

Maggie: Can you think of anything about Africa that’s relevant to Americans?
Jerry: It’s the next place US soldiers are gonna go to die.

What a happy fellow that Jerry guy.

I also think it’s a mistake to lump Anonymous in with the Occupy movement.

Charlie: I just saw a convincing presentation from the guys at B.A. Strategies. The subject– Audience retention. Not in the sense of retaining your lead-in, but actual retention. Holding on to the information you got. Retention in the sense of–
Don: I’m begging you
Charlie: 18 percent more viewers stay watching past the first quarter of a show if that show features…
Don: No.
Charlie: An engaged Twitter audience

How is this that different than a bottom line scroll? Aren’t you editing these and picking them? If you are just taking all tweets that is really stupid.

Don: I could call him and say, “I know your name. I know your name, and if Troy Davis dies, I’m reporting that you were the swing vote. I’m reporting your name, your address, and I’m gonna throw a Google Earth image of your house up on the screen so we have a record of what it looked like before it was set on fire.”
Charlie: You could put a picture of his kids up on the screen, say where they go to school.

That would cause more trouble than the American Taliban comment.

Will: I’m not allowed to get involved in advocacy, and neither are you. And from what I hear, I’m sure you were just joking about threatening the swing vote with exposure.
Don: I’m sure I was

Lisa Lambert: You think it’s adorable that you’re victimized by your own life, don’t you? Like you’re Holly Go-Fucking-Lightly.

For those who don’t know who Holly Golightly is… here is wikipedia to help you out.

Lisa: Don’t misunderstand, I was moved that your first instinct was to impress upon me how hard you tried to lie. But Maggie just can’t get the breaks.
Maggie: That wasn’t what —
Lisa: A minute ago, I was kind of furious. But now that I know you went all the way to Queens to try to lie to me, well, I just can’t stay mad at you.

I don’t know if we are supposed to root for Maggie or against her, some people I talk to love the character and others despise her.

Maggie (on YouTube): where you fall for a guy and he’s going out with your best friend! It doesn’t work out! Things get really bad!
Lisa: Get really bad for who? Who do things get bad for? You were talking about you, right? Fuck Don, fuck Lisa.

This seems like the time for Maggie to walk away.

Lisa: Neither one of us can afford to live alone. I’m your landlord. You’re my tenant — that’s our relationship.

Sadly, this isn’t the worst roommate breakup ever.

Jerry: Could you repeat what you told me just a minute ago, please?
Eric Sweeney: Well, it’s real — Operation Genoa.
Mac: Sergeant, this is MacKenzie. You’re saying there really was a black op called Genoa?
Eric: Yes, ma’am
Mac: All right, are you aware that you’re speaking to the press about classified information?
Eric: Yes, ma’am
Mac: What was Genoa?
Eric: An extraction
Mac: Was there anything unusual about it?
Eric: We used gas. We used it on civilians
Mac: What kind of gas?
Eric: Sarin. They’re all dead.

It’s very hard to confirm a source is who they say he is while on the phone… I’m assuming that will be the next step in this saga.


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