Newsroom ‘First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers’ Season 2, Episode 1

Newsroom is back… since I already blogged all of season 1 I thought I would take a shot at season 2. I haven’t read anything about this (but will after I finish writing my take) and (if it doesn’t get so meta) may write about the pieces about newsroom. Anyway, let’s get back to Will and the crew.

Rebecca Halliday: If Ben Furusho hadn’t broken his ankle, if Jim Harper hadn’t gone to New Hampshire to cover for him, if Jerry Dantana hadn’t been brought up from DC to cover for Jim,if Mike Tapley had been
used on the panel instead of Cyrus West, do you think that —
Will McAvoy: Genoa.
Rebecca: Say again?
Will: The name of the black op was Genoa, not Geneva. It’s a kind of a jib or foresail on a boat.
Rebecca: Did I say Geneva?
Will: No, but Matt typed it in hsi notes just now
Mark Gage: Mark. And he’s right, I did.

We’re back to the Will who is brilliant, knows everything except names… are we regressing?

Then we have an exchange where we learn some stuff that isn’t completely clear. I’m not sure where this stands on the spoiler/not a spoiler continuum… on one hand, they were said (maybe quickly, or were overlapped) but everybody could have heard them… on the other hand people may want to discover everything on their own. I think Operation Genoa probably deserves a blog post (or more) on it’s own.

Will: Well? Would one of you fuck Miss Halliday, please?

A pretty classic (but still funny) retort. Would it have been too much if one of the other lawyers responded with yes/no?

MAGGIE’S NEW HAIR! One of the only big surprises of the episode… did not expect that at all.

Will: Look, she went out on a story. She went to Uganda. It got real very fast and she came back a little messed up.

Uganda? Seriously? Sending someone as green as her to Uganda? What the fuck? I don’t know what happened to her but depending on what it is whoever let her go should have been fired (yes, I am still aware that it is all fictional).

Will: Counsel, if what happened to her happened to you, you’d kill yourself for the rest of your life.

If she killed herself the “rest of her life” wouldn’t be very long, this is very long, it makes no sense out of context and I can’t think of a context where it will make sense, but go on Will

Will: You would sit in the middle of a room and cry forever.

Not helping me out here Will, was she hurt? Raped? Beaten? It better be more than losing a story.

Rebecca: And if you don’t let me do my job–
Will: You’re gonna do what? Jump up really high in the air and swat my chin? I have the confidence of a tall man.
Rebecca: Lose

That’s the truth, if the two parties are really on the same side cooperation makes the most sense… Will is just being strange.

Rebecca: 14 months ago, you went on the air and called the Tea Party the American Taliban.
Will: I did.
Rebecca: And?
Will: The Taliban resented it.

Sort of funny in a snarky way… it’s getting harder and harder to believe that Will was a lawyer (let alone a good one).

Reese Lansing: Who’d have thought that calling Tea Party congressmen the American Taliban would have consequences?
Charlie Skinner: Are you saying–
Reese: There was absolutely no way to see this coming.
Charlie: The consequence was that you were left off of a guest list.
Leona Lansing: For SOPA! Not the Met Gala.

The fact that Charlie is not getting this is troubling. Any news directory should understand why they are mad and know how to deal with the situation… this just makes Charlie look stupid.

Leona: Do you know how much we lose every year to piracy?
Charlie: No
Leona: No, me neither. It could be 10 billion, could be 100 billion. Let’s just assume it’s 10 billion
Charlie: OK

They wouldn’t just assume, they would have estimates but yes she wants the the money

Reese: SOPA would allow you to sue us just for pointing you toward a bootleg Chili Peppers track.
Charlie: Doesn’t that screw you on both ends?
Leona: Yeah, that’s sort of why we wanted to help write the law

Interesting point and I’m surprised that Sorkin brought it up — in this case they would be the prosecutor and defense, the victim and the perpetrator — just one more reason for the anti-SOPA people (and they had plenty to start with).

Jim Harper: We got to pull the Strauss-Kahn package.
MacKenzie McHale: Why?
Jim: We blew the fact check. We say the French police charged him with attempted rape. The French police are investigating him for attempted rape

It’s amazing how much effort goes into these things and they still end up wrong more often than they should… very accurate.

Also technical difficulties happen to even huge newscasts… it’s frustrating… also singing sometimes happens when crazy stuff is happening — although never Rebecca Black’s Friday (at least in my newsroom, very funny)

Charlie: Ben Furusho bet another embed on the Romney bus that he could jump from the second floor of the Nashua Holiday Inn and land in the pool.
Mac: And?
Charlie: He broke his ankle in two places.
Mac: These guys are drunk every night.
Charlie: They’re 23, they’re on a bus in Nashua. They’re drunk in the mornings, too.

If that’s the case I know what I’m doing in 2016… Nashua Holiday Inn baby! (Complete joke, this seems ridiculous)

Sloan Sabbith: How much time do I have to formulate a comeback?
Charlie: That was it. The first thing out of your mouth is the comeback. You wasted yours on a question about comebacks.

This is true, I still can’t buy Sloan as someone who is completely book smart and people foolish.

Sloan: Why does it have to be like this?
Charlie: Because you’re a nerd and I’m a nerd and you make nerds look bad
Sloan: No, I make nerds look good

That last line was said with a little much innuendo for a Sloan-Charlie conversation (but is filled with truth)

Don Keefer: Everything I do, I do to please you.
Maggie Jordan: She’s crazy.
Don: Thanks for the heads up. So what do you want to do tonight? What would please you? Romantic drink? Dancing? Romantic bowling?
Maggie: What does that look like?
Don: It looks a lot like regular bowling. Walk through the park?
Maggie: A romantic mugging
Don: I know how to defend myself
Maggie: Do you know how to defend me?
Don: I shout run really loud
Maggie: I’ll see you at home
Don: Perfect

Then they do a strange high fives/kissing thing — look everyone has (at one point or another) know that romantic couple that makes you want to vomit… that is Don and Maggie. I’m very happy that this relationship is ending. In other news, Romantic Bowling would be great — can I just add romantic to any activity and suggest it as a date? How about a Romantic baseball game? No, sounds strange.

Will: There are eight Broadway musicals that have won the Pulitzer Prize for drama. In five minutes, I need you to name them, the composer, lyricist, librettist, and source material, if any.

As a musical geek I had to see how many of these I could name… I got four (ones I knew: South Pacific, Rent, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and A Chorus Line) missing Next to Normal (should have gotten), Sunday in the Park with George (wish I had gotten but whatever), Fiorello (would never have gotten) and Of Thee I Sing (wouldn’t have gotten).

Charlie: You make the interns learn musical theater history?
Will: You’re welcome, America.

As someone who would do very well in that thing, it’s completely stupid and doesn’t matter. Why do bosses make their interns memorize such stupid shit?

I also didn’t see it as odd that Jim asked to cover Romney, covering a Presidential campaign is where you can really test if you want to be a reporter or a producer (something this show doesn’t really talk about but is an important difference).

Jim: Do I have time to check in and drop off my stuff?
Advance jackass: Sure, we’ll wait as long as you want
Jim: Thanks, that was sarcastic?
Jackass: No, I’ll just tell the governor not to start speaking until you get there
Jim: Got it
Jackass: So you’re with ACN?
Jim: Yeah
Jackass: I’m sorry, but the bus is full today. You’ll have to drive
Jim: There’s like 40 empty seats
Jackass: I wasn’t wild about the American Taliban broadcast
Jim: Dude, you can’t keep me off the bus just ’cause you didn’t like our reporting
Jackass: I can

This was handled all wrong by Jim. If Jim said, I’m a senior producer, do you want your candidate to get any coverage? Because shutting me off means I’m going to talk with Newt and Santorum. Have fun explaining that to the FORMER Governor. This being nice and begging for access doesn’t get you anywhere. Especially in a situation where the candidate isn’t the nominee and this isn’t stuff that needs to be on the news. As you might have guessed, the Jackass character really pissed me off.

Jerry Dantana: Can I see that?
Sloan: It’s a blank piece of paper. I left the wire report in my office and on the way here, I decided I wanted a prop
Will: You didn’t think to just have someone print it out?
Sloan: A lot of better ideas are coming to me as I’m standing here, but why don’t we let the pat be the past?
Will: It was 12 seconds ago

Very Sorkin and very good… fortunately I have never seen this happen, if I did I would be laughing for well more than 12 seconds.

Mac: So think of 10:00 as our second act
Don: Or 8:00 as our warm-up
(Not sure who said this): How should we think about 9:00?
Mac: It’s Washington. It doesn’t matter — That’s not something we think
???: They’re on speaker

This is why in any conference room meeting I walk into I check the phone… every time — is it on? Is it on mute? Is someone calling in? Meetings are decided by who is there/on the phone.

Neal Sampat: About 11 weeks ago, June 9, the domain name occupywallstreet was registered. And? I believe America is on the verge of starting its own Arab Spring.

This was really ridiculous at the time and (if possible) even more ridiculous in retrospect. I’m hoping Sorkin isn’t going to make the occupy wall street thing into more than it was.

Mac: I like to use the full range of punctuation– commas, colons, parentheses.

So awesome, so Sorkin. I don’t like the range of people appearing incredibly stupid to witty and brilliant.

Neal is a real idiot… wearing credentials? People don’t normally wear those.

The fact that the occupy people never figured out how to use media is one of the major reasons a large percentage of people had no idea what the hell they were doing.

Honestly, the movement didn’t capture my attention the first time, I didn’t find it particularly interesting or exciting and this Sorkin version of it isn’t doing it either.

Don: I’ve got a 13-day streak going of being a good boyfriend.
Sloan: What do you get if you hit two weeks?

So many amazing things Don could have responded with… instead…

Don: A healthy conscience

DAMNIT! The jokes were all tee’d up and they completely suck

Neal is supposed to run the website? Given how junior this is that’s really fucking stupid. Also, if you take out the notebook take notes! You should also be recording this… really stupid.

Don: Oh, if you can’t laugh at this… I mean, if I weren’t a cast member in this story, I’d think it was pretty funny. It’s on YouTube, Maggie. You’re a news producer. You didn’t think that on a busload of tourists, somebody wasn’t gonna record that?
Maggie: Please let me explain
Don: Nah

Great breakup… bravo. Great breakup — I hope that’s how Sorkin breakups happen

Pretty good, congrats on getting through all this so here is the You Better You Bet video and I’m going to sleep


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2 Responses to “Newsroom ‘First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers’ Season 2, Episode 1”

  1. […] Maggie’s hair changed… this has been covered on this very blog. […]

  2. Jim’s response to advance Jackass – was written to be funny – not real.

    Neal wears the credentials to identify that he is media – without he might be taken as a sympathizer.

    Don’s response to Sloan “a healthy consicience”. I think this was not meant as a fun line. From Season One Don was set up to be a bad guy. He really wasn’t, As Mack said, Don felt threatened by Jim. Now Sorkin is working towards making Don a good guy.

    All in all, I enjoyed reading this. Liked the concept of quotes pulled leading into comments. Making the piece both a recap of sorts as well as a critical review. Good work.

    I’ll be following The Newsroom on my blog this year just as I did last year. I’ve already signed on to follow your blog.


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