MLB All-Star Game: An American Citi

The American League pulled off their first win since 2009 (at Busch Stadium in St. Louis) topping the National League 3-0 at Citi Field in Queens, New York.

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS: The AL earns home-field advantage in the World Series a stupid thing that baseball does so they can say this game “counts.”

HOW WAS HARVEY? Matt Harvey was horrific against the first two batters, Mike Trout doubled and Robinson Cano was hit by the pitch.

CANO KO’D: Robinson Cano left the game after being hit by Matt Harvey’s 96 mph fastball. Some people compared this to a Roger Clemens/Mike Piazza situation (ridiculous, but whatever). X-Rays were negative and it was announced as a “contused right quad” — more Yankee bad luck.

HIP, HIP, HARVEY! Harvey recovered from his rough start, topped out at 99 mph, and pitched two scoreless innings with 3 Ks.

COME SALE AWAY: Chris Sale pitched two perfect innings (a little odd that Max Scherzer [the starter] only went one inning), I think Sale should be up for the Cy Young this year.

KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES: Adam Jones doubled and scored in the fifth.

PIRATES PILLAGING: Andrew McCutchen stole a base (although got the benefit of a bad tag) — keeping up his Pirates ways

GOOD TIMES NEVER SEEMED SO GOOD! Neil Diamond sang Sweet Caroline… it was OK but the techno remix is much better. On another note, how did it become a Boston song? Makes no sense, so many teams use it besides the Red Sox. Diamond is not from Boston (he’s from Brooklyn)

MASTERFUL MACHADO: Manny Machado made an amazing play at third, grabbing a groundball off the line and rocketing a great throw from beyond the third-base line to the first baseman.

BATS ALL? The NL was strugga-LING at the plate with only three hits… yikes.

THE WRIGHT STUFF David Wright had one of the NL’s three hits as the Citi crowd cheered on their home-town fave.

DESIGNATED WHAT? The DHs for both clubs (yes, even though the game was played at Citi Field they used DHs) recorded no hits.

ENTER SANDMAN: After a little (stupid) controversy, the Mets DID play “Enter Sandman” as Mariano Rivera came in for the 8th.

ONE MO TIME: In his last All-Star appearance (Say it ain’t so, Mo!) Rivera pitched a perfect 8th.

GOING GOMEZ: Carlos Gomez made an awful play in right and allowed Prince Fielder (all 275 lbs of him) to get to third … you can call it a triple if you like but I’m saying it’s an E-9.

NATHAN’S FAMOUS: Who saved the game for the AL? Not Mo, but Joe Nathan. Would have been nice to get Mo in the 9th but this seems almost as good. Nathan struck out two and then allowed a double to Paul Goldschmidt — Nathan got out of it by getting Pedro Alvarez to pop-out.


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