Colbert Report Withdrawal

It’s been 14 days since my last fix… man do I have the shakes — ugh. The last new Colbert Report was with Chuck Schumer on June 27 AND I still have to wait another four days!?

I have been using other TV shows (watching obsessively) as methadone but it just ain’t doing it.

Then I hear that writer Dan Guterman is leaving the Report work for Community. DAMN IT! I don’t like it. If Colbert is one iota less funny (and he has set the bar pretty high) — I’m gonna… ugh, I’m going to write angry blogs… yeah, I know that’s not a strong threat.

How is Colbert going to respond to him being the King of Canada?

On the one hand he might think this is an amazing idea, it’s honoring him. Could this be something like the twitter thing with Sweden?

(Hope this embeds)

But we also know he loves America, he wrote multiple books about this

Here is all the videos I could find from the Colbert Report on Canada… any speculation on what “Stephen” will think and what (the real) Stephen Colbert thinks? I might speculate more on this to ease my Colbert shakes.


~ by realfactsandbeer on July 11, 2013.

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