Beer Reviews

Last weekend I went to a craft beer festival and this blog needs some more talk about beer! So here are my (short) reviews of some of the beers I had.

The beers are presented in the order I drank them (so keep in mind that by the 15th, my taste has probably changed):

Otter Creek Russian Imperial Stout
A very good and very dark stout. A lot of good taste and a nice beer to start the night. It’s 10% ABV so don’t throw it back, this is one you want to savor.

21st Amendment Back in black
Amazing name! When you can combine Politics with beer you have me signed up. It’s smooth and dark (black ale) but only a 6.80% ABV so you can enjoy it. I love the brewery but I would recommend their IPA (Brew Free or Die) or the Roasted American (a Red Ale) over this. Still worth trying if you’re an adventurous beer drinker

O’Ryely Rye IPA
I like IPAs (unlike some people) but this wasn’t very good. It was VERY hoppy, even for an IPA. Good refresher after some dark beers but wouldn’t want a pint. It seemed that a lot of people liked it but IPAs are all the rage among beer snobs.

Ithaca Ground Break
Very strange change of pace, I thought it was light and fruity. It was good and had a lot of taste, but I’m not as crazy about it as the fellows at Beer Advocate.

Saranac Red IPA
The first real disappointment of the night, it didn’t have much of a taste or much to it at all.

Yonkers pear
Eh, not much to it, fine but really watered-down.

Naked flock dark hard cider
Big taste! Amazing for those who can’t get enough cider and should be very good when it gets a little warmer.

Magic hat pistil
Fine, smells great but tastes OK. Not one of their best. I was surprised that some of the bigger breweries weren’t getting much love from the crowd — more on this later.

Some Bayou beer (sorry, I had a lot of beer that night)
Good, nice color, light, a summer beer

Wandering star Thunderbolt IPA
Nice, a mild IPA (so should be good for those who don’t LOVE IPAs… yet), very good and should be a nice beach beer.

Sam Adams Tenacious Traveler Shandy
No line at the Sam Adams station. Even though they are fairly common, I hadn’t ever had this beer. I guess people were feeling snobby (the people at the Sam Adams booth were very nice to me). The beer had a nice, big kick. I wasn’t happy with the smell but it had an amazing aftertaste.

Captain Lawrence IPA
I was curious to try a beer that I know after having a few and the captain stands up well. Full bodied and not very hoppy, the IPA for all beer drinkers.

Boulder Beer (Wilderness Pub) Hazed & Infused
High expectations (with a great name) and hopes (had heard a lot about the brewery), did not live up to them. Very unimpressive

Sam Adams grumpy monk
Funny to see them STILL without a line, full bodied and can stand up with anyone. Also a great name. It’s a Belgian IPA (yes, IPAs were by-far the most common and most loved here) with 5.70% ABV.

Stoudt’s Scarlet Lady ESB
Tasted fine, nothing special, but the name makes it win — would order again as a first beer (so I could taste it sober)

Keegan Black Eye
Best black eye ever! DARK! Awesome, would have rather had this earlier in the night but great taste.

Brooklyn Silver Anniversary Lager
I could write a whole post just on this beer, I need another. This was worth the price of admission on it’s own. It was absolutely incredible. I know it’s limited (Brewmaster series) but GET IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!

He’Brew IPA
Amazing! Great follow up. Hoppy so if you don’t like IPAs don’t go for it but if you are an IPA guy (or gal) get it now.

Breckinridge Lucky U IPA
Fine, a little light and thought it was missing a kick but great at this point in the night and after having a lot of heavy beers.

Green flash le freak
Let your freak flag fly! Belgian IPA with at least 3 distinct layers. A little much this late but really nice and popular.

Three Heads Brewing Too kind double IPA
Very hoppy and indulgent. A little too much and felt like it had more alcohol than it did (8.5% ABV), and not very kind.

Peak organic spring
This is something I never would have ordered but am very happy I had it. This will be a great summer beer, it’s light but still has taste.

Bavarian smoked brown (don’t quite remember what the real name was)
SO MUCH SMOKE!!!!!!!!!! I really couldn’t taste or remember anything else about it.

Sly fox Royal Weisse
Good light beer (Hefeweizen with 5.40% ABV), don’t be put off by the smell. Overheard at this station guy to his girlfriend: “Don’t smell it! Just put it in your mouth!” The girlfriend: “That’s what you always tell me and it never turns out well” (me cracking up in the background enjoying the entertainment).

Cisco Indie Pale Ale
Ok, really wanted the grey lady but the IPA was OK, I didn’t get over my disappointment.

Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye
Fine, sort or your typical rye — not Ruthless at all

We might have more beer stuff on this blog


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One Response to “Beer Reviews”

  1. First, love pistil. You are crazy my friend.
    Also hook me up with that wandering star and you coworkers on converting me.
    Otherwise take me along next time. Just fly me up. It will be fine. O come down to Dallas for it.

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