Keeping it going with Princeton

I have high hopes for a lot of blog posts and being able to schedule some stuff through the week. We’ll see how this pans out.

Remember that Daily Princetonian piece? Of course you do since I blogged on it!

I just saw Rebecca Greenfield wrote on it for the Atlantic Wire. WOW! This takes a totally different stance: namely: don’t go to Princeton to get your MRS degree, go to Penn!

Let’s go through some of the stuff (I’m going to ignore the sarcasm that I’m betting the author intends because it’s funnier that way)

“Princeton, one of the smaller Ivies, doesn’t have a business, law, or medical school, which everyone knows are the real gold mines of eligible sugar husbands, for grad students or undergrad ladies. That metric also rules out the Dartmouth, which has no law school and is also very small but, well, if faced with a choice it would still behoove you ladies to pick a future Big Green grad over a Tiger… because at least you’d know your hubbie could do some keg stands with a little dignity.”

Keg stands are a requirement for any position available including (but not limited to): husband, wife, best friend, priest, drug dealer, fry cook and US senator.

Also, point of information: isn’t it creepy for people in grad school to date undergrad freshmen (regardless of gender)?

“Cornell is basically a public school, so that’s out.”

Just no. Anytime someone makes this argument to me (and it has been made) I smack them upside the head. I can’t reach Greenfield but we will give her a metaphorical smack.

“They say Yale’s the ‘gay Ivy,'”

WHOA! Yale? Nah, you getting it confused with Brown.

She says Brown is the hipster ivy? Eh, I’ll buy that.

“You don’t really want to fight with all those Barnard girls over Columbia’s slim (largely Asian, gay, and Jewish) pickings”

Another point of information: Are there a lot of Asian Jews? Are all of them gay?

So far I have been writing on the subject without getting into trouble and would like to keep it that way and work on more awesome blog posts.


~ by realfactsandbeer on March 31, 2013.

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