Confederate flag taken down in North Carolina

According to multiple outlets, the Confederate flag was taken down from the North Carolina State Capital building.

It will now go into an exhibition on the Civil War.

The flag was up for approximately a week until AP published a story on it.

Susan Kluttz (head of NC’s state Cultural Resources office and I think it is ridiculous that they even have one) said it was meant to show the Capitol the way it was in 1863. Wow, let’s try not to do that due to, ya know, minority rights, economic prosperity and good old fashion common sense.

State Historical Sites director Kieth Hardison said the flag should be seen in historical context. I say it just shouldn’t be seen at all.

President of the North Carolina NCAACP Rev. William Barber is on my side.

“He is right that it has a historical context,” Barber told the AP. “But what is that history? The history of racism. The history of lynchings. The history of death. The history of slavery. If you say that shouldn’t be offensive, then either you don’t know the history, or you are denying the history.”

Governor Pat McCroy’s spokesperson Kim Genardo told the LA Times that the governor thought the flag would be up for a short time. It was planned to stay until 2015 so they moved it, the governor’s office said they received no complaints.

I’m betting they are getting complaints now that people heard it was there. And McCroy’s excuse is that he thought it wouldn’t be up for long and nobody would notice? Fuck that logic.

Message to the south: I understand states rights and history but that is not what that flag symbolizes. It just doesn’t. Get a new logo and flag and leave this one in tatters.

Saying that the Confederate flag does not represent hatred or slavery is wrong, a symbol is what people believe it means.


~ by realfactsandbeer on March 31, 2013.

One Response to “Confederate flag taken down in North Carolina”

  1. I agree it shouldn’t be displayed because of how people interpret it but I hope is country in the future can teach more about the confederacy than just slavery. There were many more sides to it like any part of history that should be taught.

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