Rand Paul Filibuster

For those who don’t know: Rand Paul launched an old-school fillibuster! I’m talking about a Strom Thurmond style, stand-up style. Paul is protesting this “filiblizzard” in response to President Obama’s nomination of John O. Brennan to lead the Central Intelligence Agency.

It won’t matter since Brennan will be confirmed (Paul does not have the votes). But Paul is using this as an excuse to ask the President questions about the drone program.

At 11:47 am Paul started to speak (he has yielded to questions without giving the floor), as a political nerd this is really exciting!

We haven’t seen something like this since 2010… which really wasn’t that long ago, but still!

Someone is also tweeting from Paul’s account and this is really the first twitter fillibuster and this is the type of thing this blog is for so let’s start talking!

Most of the quotes are from the Atlantic

1:05 p.m.: “Are you going to just drop a hellfire missile on Jane Fonda?”

Is Jane Fonda really the worst person to pick? I’m not advocating doing it, I’m just saying she isn’t our greatest national treasure.

1:45: “I would be here if there was a Republican president doing this.” Paul says Obama’s drone policy is just an expansion of George W. Bush’s.

Paul showing he really doesn’t care about the party system… in most cases I would say this sounds shallow and stupid, but it sort of works for someone who is moderate and not a party hack.

Mike Lee2:58 p.m.: Mike Lee of Utah joins the fray (he’s known for the Tea Party Caucus)

Oh MY GAWD! That’s Mike Lee’s music! BTW: Mike Lee’s music is “I Believe” from Book of Mormon.

Paul’s first break is after 3 hours and 12 minutes… that’s a long time! And he was fairly coherent and talking politics, not reading something.

3:07 That’s Senator Ted Cruz’s music!

Another tea party favorite, Ted Cruz’s music would be The Mad Tea Party!

3:23 p.m.: Apparently the only Senators on the floor are Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz.

This is really sad. I hate that Senators don’t show up to anything, this could be historic… a really cool moment regardless. Whenever I watch CSPAN (which is more often than I like to admit) I see tons of empty seats and it really depresses me.

3:29 p.m.: Kansas Senator Jerry Moran asks a question

The conservative Republican went to University of Kansas… damn Jayhawks. Although one of his daughter’s went to Kansas State and the other is attending — so, partial credit? Now what’s Moran’s music? We’ll honor Kansas with a little Kansas: Carry On Wayward Son

Also: wouldn’t it be awesome if Congressmen had entry music? Seriously, CSPAN give me a call.

3:32 p.m.: Paul agrees drones aren’t the issue

The issue isn’t what drones, it’s the killing. Glad it took that long to figure it out.

3:42 p.m.: Cruz notes that today is the 177th anniversary of the fall of the Alamo. Cruz says, the state is proud that Paul, a native of the state, is standing up for liberty. Cruz suggests that those who died that day would approve of Paul’s fight.

This won’t help Paul get elected but oh well.

3:53 p.m.: Senator Ron Wyden (Oregon) makes this party bipartisan

He has worked with Republicans before… music, music, music… ugh the Oregon Trail music? Sure.

4:17 p.m.: Florida Senator Marco Rubio is here and jokes about having water close.

His song? Waterfalls by TLC

4:32 p.m.: The Atlanic says: Even in D.C., the filibuster isn’t making much of a dent on Twitter, according to Trendsmap.

I don’t believe this, I saw this all over twitter and saw Rand Paul trending for hours. I know the trending thing is odd but I saw a lot of tweets about it.

4:36 p.m.: From the Atlantic: Saxby Chambliss of Georgia arrives. He is the fifth senator to make an appearance in what has become more of a time-limit-free, non-contentious debate than a filibuster.

You would prefer he read the phonebook? This is MUCH better than that. Saxby is another Republican representing Georgia. Since the National Education Association gave him an “F” in 2007 we’ll make his song this:

4:44 p.m.: WOW! Senate majority leader Harry Reid of Nevada is here!

We’ll do Take a Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed (get it Reid and Reed? The Democrat leader joining the fray).

If this played in the Senate people might watch CSPAN.

4:46 p.m.: Paul agrees to hold the vote now — if the president answers his question. Reid tells Senators to be there tomorrow.

4:48 p.m.: Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey is in the House… and by House I mean Senate

A Republican, he’s not a big fan of the gays so we’ll give him a funny song:

6:15 p.m.: Paul gets food

I love this! I have no idea what he ate but am interested for one of the first times ever.

From ABC: “At about 7:07 p.m., Paul offered to give up his filibuster and move forward with the John Brennan confirmation if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., would allow for a vote on a non-binding resolution on drones proposed by Paul. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., speaking on behalf of the Democrats, objected and offered instead to allow Paul to testify in front of a committee on drones. That did not satisfy Paul. So the filibuster continued. Paul had an apple and a thermos of hot tea brought to him by Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill.”

Post about historical context soon


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