Longest Filibusters

I’ve been talking about Rand Paul’s filibuster in the previous post… so let’s look at the ones of the past:

Strom Thurmond — 24 hours, 18 minutes: The man, the myth the legend. He opposed the Civil Rights Act, not a smart idea in retrospect. It was later revealed that he had a mixed-race daughter. He was in office from 1956-2003.

Alfonse D’Amato — 23 hours, 30 minutes: Where Brooklyn at? He holds the record for second longest and seventh longest filibusters against a defense bill and typewriter company. He was also on Spin City.

Wayne Morse — 22 hours, 26 minutes: An individual filibuster where he went against Tidelands Oil legislation. He is also known for getting kicked by a horse.

Robert LaFollette — 18 hours, 23 minutes: This was a successful filibuster against Woodrow Wilson’s movement to arm merchant ships. This started Rule 22 (or cloture) that allows debate end with a two-thirds majority of Senators. He ran for President as a Progressive and got about 17% of the vote.

William Proxmire — 16 hours, 12 minutes: Senator from Wisconsin that took over from Joe McCarthy. He was protesting the national debt.

Huey Long — 15 hours: The Kingfish spent time talking. When he wasn’t talking about the “Share the Wealth” program. He is mostly known as the inspiration of “All the King’s Men” but he spent 15 hours reading recipes on the Senate floor.


~ by realfactsandbeer on March 6, 2013.

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