Best backyard baseball team

Backyard Baseball day continues! The MLB already picked their team and now the Backyard kids will pick theirs.

The pros did it by cutting players? Puh-lease, that’s not the way we do it in the Backyard we pick the best and then figure it out.

Our number one pick? It’s obvious: The Secret Weapon (not really a secret anymore): Pablo Sanchez!

He’s our captain no matter what language he does or doesn’t speak.

We will need grab some more heavy hitters so: Axeman Achmed Kahn, M.V.P. Jocinda Smith and Nugget Mikey Thomas.

Now we need some pitching and the best pitcher we know is Sugar Pop: Angela Delvecchio.

We heard Frank Thomas will be catching! We’re having stolen bases so let’s get some wheels: Wheelie Pete Wheeler and Lulu Luanne Lui

Achmed wants to play with his brother Amir (who might be a good pitcher but mostly will be using him in the infield)

Our last pick will be the very well-rounded (no pun intended, come on it’s Backyard Sports don’t make it evil) Flash Keisha Phillips

Angela Delvecchio (ultra-thrilled we didn’t pick her brother Tony) is pitching, Pablo is at short and can make a relief appearance (don’t believe that BS 5 rating for his pitching). Lulu will play second, Axeman is at third and we’ll put the MVP at first.

Let’s put Flash in center, Amir in left, Wheelie in right and Nugget behind the plate… mmmm, Nugget

The batting order:
Luanne Lui 2B: Speed first
Pete Wheeler RF: More speed but Wheelie is a better hitter than Lulu
Pablo Sanchez SS: Try to stop the Secret Weapon
Keisha Phillips CF: Speed and a good bat should protect Pablo
Achmed Kahn 3B: The Axeman should protect be awesome with his brother
Jocinda Smith 1B: Chanting M-V-P
Mikey Thomas C: Murder’s row continues
Amir Kahn LF: Much better with his brother
Angela Delvecchio P: Sugar Pop don’t care

This should be a game for the ages!


~ by realfactsandbeer on February 14, 2013.

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