Why I hate the State of the Union address

I have a confession… for a political junkie I absolutely hate the State of the Union address.

Yes I know it’s traditional but so was a bunch of stupid things (like stoning and I’m not in favor of that either).

I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one, Politico’s Glenn Thrush.

We have Obama’s “speech” (seemed more like a pep rally, but as to not be biased so did Bush’s “State of the Unions”) and then we have two responses, which just seemed like campaign ads that wouldn’t end.

We overemphasize everything a President says in this speech because, truthfully, he didn’t say anything at all. “Redesign American schools” — In what way? How would we do that? What specifically are we going to do? How is it going to be enforced?

Why does the Washington Post’s The Fix have to put out crap like this? (Normally, I really like the Fix but this is just BS)

I realize that the public probably wouldn’t want to listen to this nitty-gritty political stuff but that’s not the point of the SOTU address. It’s supposed to be for congress (although since I’m not a member of Congress [thank whatever deity you wish for that] you may say it doesn’t matter what I think).

One of the major problems with the SOTU address is that it has become TO the public and not to Congress.

Then we have memes coming from Rubio drinking water! I’m pretty sure Biden and Boehner drank water during the speech. I don’t know how this became an issue and why it exploded… I’m guessing people needed a meme and couldn’t think of anything good.

It’s strange that when watching political speeches I spend more time watching people clapping than ANYTHING else. Pep rallies are for the campaign season, let’s end this and just write Congress a note.


~ by realfactsandbeer on February 13, 2013.

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