Spring training is here

So there is still snow on the ground through a lot of the North East… pitchers and catchers have reported to camp and I couldn’t resist breaking down a few interesting things I will be looking at this season:

CALIFORNIA DREAMING: We’re going to have a showdown in LA-LA land (although probably without Honey Nut Cheerios) between the Angels and the Dodgers. Both teams spent some cash and we might have a real rivalry on our hands. Having spent some time in LA, I don’t think this is going to be as fierce as Yankees-Mets or Cubs-White Sox but it should be an interesting storyline.

SAFETY DANCE: MLB said no to a design to give pitchers better headgear. Given that the media has already been primed with over a year about health concerns in football this coverage could spill over to baseball (yikes).

WE ARE YOUNG: Watching the prospects (Jurickson Profar (SS, TEX), Dylan Bundy (RHP, BAL), Wil Myers (OF, TB), Zack Wheeler (P, NYM), Travis d’Arnaud (C, NYM), Gary Sanchez (C, NYY)) is going to be fun. It’s not quite put up or shut up time for these guys but they could see some time in the majors this year (OK, obviously I didn’t list all the prospects I’m excited about but just wanted to give you a taste).

WE SET THE WORLD ON FIRE: Mike Trout? Stephen Strasburg? Bryce Harper? How are these guys going to do now that they are house-hold names? We probably won’t see much from them in the Spring but this makes for an exciting season.

ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN: The Washington Nationals added Taft to the President’s race (I am so excited for more presidential races!). How will the rotund President do? Will we all be getting on a raft with Taft?

KNUCKLE-UP: Tim Wakefield (remember him?) is trying to teach the knuckler to a few QBs, I guess R.A. Dickey proved the dominance of this pitch with a Cy Young win. As a lover of the knuckler I would be really excited to see 5-10 pitchers pick up this skill. Wake will have a show called The Next Knuckler on the MLB Network.

TIMMM-EH: Tim Lincecum was disappointing last season, but he is at training camp with a new look. The question is will he be able to do the Freak?

BOURN THIS WAY: I heard so much hype about Michael Bourn but am not sure about the Bourn Identity. I’m not sold on him as a super-star just yet (All-Star? Sure) and am not sure if I can believe the hype.

BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU: B.J. and Justin Upton will play together for the Braves outfield. How will this workout?

BEAST OF THE EAST: The AL East is always strong but this year it looks to be unstoppable (note: this does not mean they will win the World Series, so many variables play into that… and I said “looks to be”). The Rays and O’s look good (both coming off pretty good years), the Yanks are old (but shouldn’t be counted out) and the Blue Jays are revamped and looking new. This division is anybody’s game and should be thrilling to watch.

DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK: Wait, we need some music…

In Yankeeland Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are going to return from injuries (Yes, I know A-Rod won’t return for Opening Day but still). If you think this won’t be a story you are nuts.

Carl Crawford should be returning unless he slips in his pool of Carl Crawford money and breaks an ankle, Roy Halladay and Troy Tulowitzki should also return.

Sadly it doesn’t seem that I will be making the trip to spring training this year (sad day) but I will be watching closely and this blog might be getting a little more sporty. I’ll leave you with another vide:


~ by realfactsandbeer on February 13, 2013.

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