Newsroom Season 1, Episode 5: Amen

Eliot is back! So is sober Don (I’m much less excited about sober Don)

“Elliot is on the balcony singing a song from Evita” Don (sarcastic)

The first song that came to mind was “Don’t Cry for me Argentina” but that would make no sense in Egypt so I’m going to assume it was “Oh What a circus” but that would make more sense in the Jets headquarters in Florham Park. When you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the way.

Slapstick comedy is a Sorkin favorite, as is everyone talking at the same time and the walk and talk.

I’m glad these technophobes know how to use a thumb drive but not a telephone. Really strange.

Sloan to Mac: Sometimes you ask me to wait and then you forget that you did and then you call me from home at 11 o’clock and say ‘sorry,’
Mac: How many times has that happened?
Sloan: Twice
Mac: Well, I really was sorry

Question I asked my television aloud: Does that make Mac a worse friend or girlfriend?

Mac: I’ll begin by saying that Will cries when he watches the movie Rudy
Will: No, I don’t
Mac: Cries like an onion
Will: Onions make you cry. They don’t themselves experience emotion
Mac: The way you experience emotion when you watch Rudy
Will: Once scene, one moment, once in a while
Gary: The Jersey scene?
Will: Yes
Gary: Everybody cries at the jersey scene

Rudy: one of the few movies that guys are allowed (perhaps applauded?) to cry while watching. Now I love Rudy but it never made me cry. Awesome movie but I don’t totally understand why one would cry out of happiness for a fictional character.

Jim: I never saw it
Will: You haven’t seen Rudy? What were you doing when everyone else your age was living their lives?
Jim: My homework

Rudy is much like Gladiator, Scarface, Boondock Saints and Godfather (parts one and two): a much watch for all guys. Homework is not an excuse: Rudy is more important than homework (plus you can do homework while watching it)

Will: So one by one the players come to the coach’s office and put their jerseys down on the desk and say, “Coach–“
Mac: “I want to take a shower with Rudy”

That would make for an interesting alternate ending. Especially at Notre Dame.

Here’s the video so people can enjoy it again:

“You live on the internet” Mac to Neal

If you are all news junkies than all of you should live on the Internet.

Charlie: Guys, according to Google Trends volume index, since New Year’s Eve, the search term Will McAvoy has spiked 35 times its average frequency over the last three years. In less than six weeks, there have been nine negative mentions in Page Six and TMI.

Wait, Charlie cares about google trends but not actual viewers? What the fuck? Hopefully their website has good SEO and has paid ads

Information about Neal:
Neal (about Amen): I know him, he’s just like me… he is me… Our fathers were both mechanics not because it was their dream job, but because they knew there was always work for mechanics. We’re both the eldest son and have been taking care of our siblings for most our lives. Neither of us will ever get a college degree. We’re both idealistic about the Internet.

Some good information about Neal. How the hell did he get this job without a college degree? Well we learn he was on the 7/7 train.

Taking one video and one story could inspire you to become a journalist but it doesn’t get you a job.

Will (talking about Neal): He’s Rudy
Mac: Not everything is Rudy
Will: I know not everything is Rudy. Some people just don’t understand Rudy. Jus me and Rudy and Neal and the guy Neal found in Cairo.
Neal: Amen
Will: Thank you
Neal: No, his name is Amen

Classic Sorkin name games.

Mac: A few months ago, I agreed to appear on a panel at the Paley Center called “Is TV News Equipped to Cover the Economy?”
Sloan: Excellent subject
Mac: I think so, but here’s the thing
Sloan: Yeah?
Mac: I’m not equipped to cover the economy. I don’t know anything about economics
Sloan: I’m sure they’re not expecting you to be an economist. You’re a producer
Mac: Yeah, but what I’m saying is I don’t know anything about the economy. I never studied it in school, I never read the business section, I never reported economic news
Sloan: You’ve been producing economic news. We’ve been doing five minutes a night for moths.
Mac: Yeah, I just set aside a five-minute block and let you and Will go at it
Sloan: You’ve been approving the subjects
Mac: I trust you
Sloan: What does that mean?
Mac: I pretend to read what you give me and then I nod
Sloan: Okay, have you been listening during the show?
Mac: I have been listening very closely
Sloan: And?
Mac: I do not understand a word you’re saying
Sloan: Kenzie!

This is really sad but not surprising. People have their subjects and very few people are extremely knowledgeable about everything. It’s good that Mac is admitting that she doesn’t have a handle on economic news but why would she talk in front of a panel about stuff she doesn’t know?

A night show and they are all there to watch to morning show? Would not happen

Will: She really wasn’t ashamed to say she has Bieber fever

It’s really an illness so she shouldn’t be ashamed.

Maggie: Happy Valentine’s Day.
Jim: Oh, wow. I didn’t–I didn’t realize it was Valentine’s Day and that people in the office gave–
Maggie: No, Valentine’s Day is Monday, not today, and these aren’t for you, they’re from you.
Jim: I am more confused than I was before.

Oh, don’t worry Jim it’s going to get worse and more confusing.

Maggie: Don planned a beautiful night for us on Monday.
Jim: You and me?
Maggie: Yes.
Jim: Don planned a romantic evening for you and me?
Maggie: Me and him.
Jim: That makes more sense.

But much less fun

Maggie: And I don’t want it to be ruined by Lisa, who will ruin it if she doesn’t have a romantic Valentine’s Day. Last year her boyfriend forgot it was Valentine’s Day and went to a Rangers game with his friends. She got drunk, made us watch Overboard, and reviewed every bad Valentine’s Day she’s ever had, which was all of them. Not this year.

I have absolutely never heard of any guy ever doing this.

Maggie: You’re gonna be like St. Valentine himself.
Jim: St. Valentine actually–
Maggie: Focus, nerd.

Is Maggie under the impression that the nerd will just take that?

Jim: Okay.

So she was right.

Maggie: Don got us a room at the Four Seasons.
Jim: Me and–
Maggie: Nope, still him and me.

Damn it, you’re getting Jim’s hopes up. Why don’t Drunk Don and Jim spend the night together.

Maggie: The Four Seasons. The bathtub fills up in less than 60 seconds. And I don’t want Lisa showing up with a copy of The Notebook saying, “Where’s the minibar?”
Jim: Yeah, I can’t hang out with Lisa on Valentine’s Day. That– That’s making a pretty strong statement.
Maggie: Don’t screw with me on this, James Tiberius Harper.
Jim: That’s not my middle name. You’re thinking of Captain James Tiberius Kirk–

Just go with it, Tiberius is an awesome middle name that you would be honored to have.

Maggie: Do not screw me on this, Jim.
Jim: We’re not in a relationship. She calls me at night after work. We talk for a minute and then she says, “Should I come over?” And what am I supposed to say?
Maggie: You say yes.
Jim: I say yes.

OF COURSE HE SAYS YES! I don’t understand what is confusing here.

Maggie: If you’re dating someone on February 14th, you take them out on February 14th.
Jim: What’s February 14th?
Maggie: Valentine’s Day.
Jim: Yes.
Maggie: Here’s your itinerary. You made reservations at her favorite restaurant, Dell’anima. You got her a horse charm for her charm bracelet. This is a bottle of her favorite wine. And this is some slutty lingerie for whatever disgusting thing you guys do later.

This is awesome, now Jim just has to ask Maggie to do the actual date part and he will wait in the hotel and do the “disgusting thing” – actually this seems like a guy’s dream Valentine’s Day.

Jim: Oh, and the 60-second bathtub is for hygiene?
Maggie: You can’t have sex in a bathtub. It doesn’t work.
Tess: Yes, it does. You just have to slip yourself–
Maggie: Thank you.
Jim: I’d like to hear more.

Wouldn’t we all. Seriously, Tess is coming up big and I want more of her story.

Maggie: Here is her card and here is what you’ll write on it.
Jim: “This has been the best month of my life. You are beautiful, talented and the most…” are you out of your mind? We’ve been on four dates
Maggie: Look at me
Jim: I already am
Maggie: Do. Not. Screw. Me. On. This. Jim.

Wouldn’t that letter be the quickest way to screw things up? To use a How I Met Your Mother reference wouldn’t that be the Mosby?

Why is Mac talking to Amen like he’s an idiot? Then all of a sudden like she realizes he graduated from Columbia J-School.

How is this guy supposed to get access? Wouldn’t attaching his name to an American outlet hurt more than help?

Why does Amen keep adjusting his jacket before the report?

Amen wants to go to the ministry of the interior?
Neal: He’s alright

How would he know that? This is incredibly stupid to say and even harder to believe.

Sloan explaining economics:
Why is Hello playing in the background? WHAT! This is really strange and I felt like Sloan and Mac were on a date.

Sloan: I’m the closest thing to a female friend that you have, right?
Mac: Wait, are you saying that I don’t have female friends or that you’re not entirely female?
Slaon: Which do you think?
Mac: The first

Sloan! You didn’t answer the question and this is worrying me.

Jim (to Neal): Hey, I’ve got to write something on a Valentine’s card. You’re used to deceiving women. What would you write–

Another line I really want to use.

Rush on Reporters being detained: Are we supposed to feel outrage? I don’t feel any outrage over it. Are we supposed to feel anger? I don’t feel any anger over this. Do we feel happy? Well, do we feel… kind of going like, “nah nah nah nah nah”?

Really? Questioning if we should be happy over Americans trying to do their job getting detained? That’s not something smart to say. But punching a computer won’t help. Is that how the Internet expert of the newsroom think this works?

The lesson of the day: objects win fights against people (especially doors)

Mac (to Wade): In this order: Leave, lose the election, go to hell
I think it should be leave, go to hell, lose the election

During the payoff, why the fuck would Will write a check! How would that work? How would they keep that secret?

Lisa: You stood me up on Valentine’s Day, which is 1,000 times worse than a regular stand up.

I don’t really understand why it’s that much worse but we will keep on going.

Jim: But I have presents. And I wrote you a card.
Lisa: “From the desk of James Harper.”
Maggie: Are you kidding?
Jim: I lost the card.

Does having a pretty, overpriced Halmark card make this any better?

Maggie: Jim did everything right here.
Lisa: Well, he left me alone in a restaurant for an hour.
Maggie: Except that.
Lisa: And didn’t call.
Maggie: And that.
Jim: It would be hard for a casual observer to tell which side–
Maggie: Shut up. Lisa, he’s a very decent guy. This isn’t anyone’s fault.
Lisa: It’s his.
Maggie: It’s a little bit his, but mostly it’s just a very bad day.
Lisa: It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s my favorite day.
Maggie: Then pick another day! Because it’s every guy’s least favorite day. Everyone’s always disappointed. Valentine’s Day is the bully of holidays. It forces love on people who aren’t in love. Cupid’s freakish.

Preach, sister.

Maggie: I’m boycotting Valentine’s Day from now on. Who’s with me?
Don: I love you every day. Today’s just an excuse to spend the night in a hotel room.
Maggie: I’m sorry. I was faking it just then.
Don: I think she can still hear you.

This sounds really familiar.

The ending Rudy scene with the checks was cool. But how much money do they really raise?

The end scene:


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