Newsroom Season 1, Episode 4: ‘I’ll try to Fix You’

“Sometimes it is hard to tell who the biggest nerd in the office is, not today though” Maggie to Neal and Jim.

When the guy doing work in the corner during a party isn’t the nerdiest one you have issues. Also worth pointing out: in a newsroom you would have people working all the time… even on New Years.

“Men have cocktails, Carrie Bradshaw has drinks.” “Fun” Don

Some of us have friends who can be separated into multiple personalities. I will say that “Fun” Don probably equals “drunk” Don. I like drunk Don approximately 242% more than regular Don.

I’m a little concerned that Drunk Don is talking about Carrie Bradshaw but still funny (even though I am informed that the quote is incorrect).

“I love Fun Don!” Maggie

Agreed, can we get this guy all the time?

“Starting off the New Year with a bang” Drunk Don.

Does Drunk Don remind anyone else of Barney from How I Met Your Mother?

Traditionally, fixing coworkers up is a really bad idea — it tends to be a worse idea when you are in a crazy love triangle but I’m OK with it… we have Drunk Don so what can go wrong?

“[The dress looks slutty] in the best possible way” Drunk Don to Lisa

Drunk Don is just speaking the truth. It looks slutty, but it’s New Year’s Eve and you are going to want to start the year off with a bang so it’s exactly right.

The Do Ya Think I’m Sexy ringtone: I thought this was a little bit much. I know people have some crazy strange song ring tones but why would you do that? The amount of humor you get after hearing it for the millionth time (unless it is specific for each person) isn’t worth the embarrassment.

“Lisa works in fashion, Don. No offense Lis” Maggie
“I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be offended by” Lisa

I really dislike this high and mighty crap that “we do the news and everyone else isn’t smart enough to do what we do.” Wasn’t Maggie just an assistant a few episodes ago? Hasn’t she screwed up most of her assignments and been unable to use a phone?

Asking about the debt crisis in Greece: If this comes up as a topic of conversation during a party where you meet someone for the first time you aren’t going home with him/her. Debt crisis, marginal tax rates and generally boring economic policies are antiaphrodisiac (opposite of aphrodisiac).

“You see the cute, sweet, puppydog-looking guy with the stupid look on his face?” Drunk Don to Lisa (about Jim).

Drunk Don is getting a little off, I don’t know anybody that I would describe this way.

“Why is he working?” Lisa (talking about Jim)
“He has a job” Maggie
“So, right there he is a leg up on your usual diet” Drunk Don (Lisa then shrugs)

Awesome! Lisa’s shrug (rather than walking away, yelling and/or crying) makes me like her. The shrug really makes the conversation.

“I don’t think I’m in the mood for a fix-up” Lisa
“Why not?” DD (we will abbreviate Drunk Don
“I don’t know, I’m just coming off a relationship” Lisa
“Of 10 days. I’ve bought milk before your relationship started that was still good to drink after it ended” DD
“I don’t think so.” Lisa
“No, it’s true. I can show you the milk” DD.

This hasn’t literally happened to me but if it does I would bring that milk with me to “comfort” my friend (and by comfort, I likely mean make fun of… but I would bring beer so I’m not a complete asshole).

“You’re everybody’s type. You’re the girl next door. Let’s go.” DD
“Next door to what?” Lisa

DD knows what people want, and disputes the whole type phenomenon. Drunk Don is a visionary.

“Honey, are you saying the United States of America is getting out-lawyered?” Mac
“Don’t call him honey. It makes me crazy. I didn’t say that. It came out of my mouth. Just words.” Will

Can I use this excuse? It’s even better than a rewind.

“This is my thing, I’m talking about now.” Will to Sloan

Can I use this line? The fact that he can get away with these lines is incredible.

“Do people really do that?” Will
“Talk to people?” Sloan
“Just walk up to them.” Will
“I’ve seen it on TV.” Sloan

I have found that most people who go to out go to hang out with people they already know, not to meet people. Maybe I just hang out at more “dive bars” but if some random person started chatting everyone up they wouldn’t last long.

“A takedown piece. I’m gonna take her down… ‘Cause that’s what you do in a takedown piece, genius.” Nina

The real answer should have been: because people want it and want to read it. The answer is because this is entertainment… the answer was really anything but that.

Nina: You and I do the same thing for a living.
Will: That’s nuts, Nina. I try to expose the truth about things that are of national importance.
Nina: Well, I’m trying to expose the truth about the fact that Brittany might have had a daughter when she was a teenager who’s now 10 possibly and being taken care of by her mother.
Will: Why is that the concern of anyone except for Brittany?
Nina: It’s not a concern. It’s entertainment.
Will: Okay, well, here’s the thing, though, it shouldn’t be.

But it is! More people pay attention to pop culture, music and sports than politics.

This boils down to the question of should the media shape their coverage to what the people want or should the media try to shape the people to their coverage. I don’t believe the latter would work unless all the media outlets (in an illegal anti-trust movement) decided to change their coverage.

Will: I’m saying, with all possible respect, that I would have more respect for you if you were a heroin dealer. And I’m speaking professionally, not personally.
Nina: Okay, Will. I’m speaking personally when I say fuck you.

Exactly what would have happened! Great job with the realism… what? The dialog keeps going?

Nina: And you just passed up a sure thing.

Damn it.

Charlie (to Will): “Have you read the New York Post?”

No good conversation ever starts that way… and it gets worse when you are directed to Page Six

Let’s analyze the article:

Headline: Anchor Rancor

Pretty good headline, very tabloid but it’s the Post so that has to be expected.

Subhead: Will McAvoy gropes in the New Year

You went with a tabloid, flashy, rhythm headline so the subhead should really be more straight-up. Also he didn’t grope anything from what I saw. But as I said earlier… it’s the Post.


Lede: ACN’s newly minted liberal bloviator made a scene at a private New Year’s Eve party at which our spies caught the reengineered lefty firebrand making a drunken pass at TMI reporter Nina Howard.

This isn’t a good lede. It doesn’t get into the story and has a ton of stupid adjectives that don’t really tell you anything important. The fact that Will is a “liberal bloviator” has no relevance to the story. Why are they saying “spies” can they have sources.

Body: But the Tea Party foe got a face full of bubbly instead of what he was looking for.

I don’t think using “Tea Party foe” was smart. Also the vagueness of “what he was looking for” may be needed assuming he was after sex (although we shouldn’t attempt to read his mind) and should be changed.

Kicker: McAvoy was wearing a $4,000 custom-made tuxedo and a dumb look on his face.

The tux has nothing to do with the groping! This is a really bad kicker and doesn’t give me some awesome information… Damn fake New York Post!

Will: I was the victim of an unwanted sexual advance. But more important, I was fighting the good fight.
Charlie: Why were you fighting any fight?

Will: Because I’m on a mission to civilize.
Charlie: How’s it going so far?
Will: Progress is slow, but I’m in it for the long haul.

Later on:

Will: I’m not an elitist.
Charlie: Be one

Ugh, I don’t think you can tell someone to be an elitist, they either are or aren’t. Just like you can’t tell someone to not be (or for that matter become) a racist.

Will: Where are the real ones? The lies. Lies. Why doesn’t the news ever call a lie a lie, but we know it’s a lie?

What you know and what you can prove are very different things. In the news you should only say what you can prove.

Will: In fact, these grades would indicate that President Obama is the best friend the NRA has ever had in elected office, to say nothing of the Oval Office.

This is really funny now that Obama is focusing on gun control. I know that this is set in the past and was released before it but it now looks more like the NRA had it right.

Also in the campaign and before becoming President it seemed (according to the Brady Campaign) that Obama was more anti-gun. There was a change in office but the hope/worry is that Obama could go back to anti-gun.

I could write about 1,000 words about Will’s stupid disarm and the fact that he is using one hand on the gun and has it sideways but I will try to continue through the episode.

Drunk, Fun Don is back! I think Don needs to go drink for drink with Charlie every episode.

Sloan: Well, William, she has a gun and she’s going to shoot you.
Will: She’s going to have to shoot you first, Sloan, because I’m going to use you as a human shield because you set me up with Annie Oakley.
Sloan: You mean Ado Annie?
Will: I mean Annie Oakley. Annie Get Your Gun. Ado Annie’s Oklahoma. “I’m just a Girl Who Can’t Say No.”
Sloan: I can’t help you anymore.
Will: Damn, ’cause your help’s been invaluable up till now.
Sloan: Are you sure about Annie Get Your Gun?

Sloan, get your musical knowledge up! Don’t question a Sorkin character on Broadway… just don’t do it.

The last meeting was great, it really shows how flawed all the characters are.

They also should invest in some soundproof glass.

Also: A newsroom really does get a ton of energy and action when something major happens. I don’t know if the attack on a member of Congress who people don’t know got shot.

(Sober) Don: A doctor pronouncers her dead, not the news.

Absolutely right… sober Don is getting points. Getting it right is millions of times more important than 30 seconds.

Will: You’re a fucking newsman, Don! I ever tell you otherwise, you punch me in the face!
Don: OK, but you’re back in 30.

What an amazing exchange: this it’s for this episode’s extremely long recap that doesn’t give you enough context to understand if you aren’t watching the show (but think of how long it would be with context). I am also quite aware that this needs editing but I don’t have the time or energy to do that.


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