Debating College Sports Part 3

I sort of forgot about this. This is part three of my IM conversation with a contributor to this blog. We had an over 12,000 word chat in less than a half hour and I decided to post our conversation in parts and hopefully spark more of a debate and more ideas. Here is part 1 and here is part 2.

Contributor: whats 1-2 million really overall

Real Facts and Beer: People always make references to the number of miles you have: why waste those miles when you’re playing for free?

Contributor: except for marcus lattimore there arent than many times that they dont just get surgery, come back earning a little bit less

Real Facts and Beer: 1-2 million for most of these kids is a ton of money. If you aren’t a star you aren’t making that much

Contributor: alright what do we lose if we get rid of college sports? we are no better than the europeans who only have club sports between each other and thats just dumb
we lose rivalries between schools, unc-duke, irish-usc, lsu-bama
hell even harvard-yale even though that can be kinda pathetic

Real Facts and Beer: I think rivalries between academic institutions should be (shock of shock) academic! What does it mean if Kentucky beats Harvard in basketball?
Does that mean that I should want my kid to go to Kentucky?

Contributor: haha no its kentucky

Real Facts and Beer: The real rivalries: UNC vs Duke, Alabama vs Auburn have some juice (people tend to pick between those two schools)
The schools will still be rivals — the rest of the country just won’t be included in this stuff

Contributor: i still think those rivalries would die b/c then its arbitary against arbitrary

Real Facts and Beer: I also am not completely advocating getting rid of athletics. I just think the money and energy could be better spent on many other things
It’s fine for advertisements but most sports don’t even provide that

Contributor: its america we dont give up stuff easily haha. bad reason

Real Facts and Beer: Horrible reason and not really American… it sounds more European

Contributor: no they dont give up their entitlements, they riot and drive their country into bankrupcy

Real Facts and Beer: Ever hear about the fiscal cliff?

General rule of these conversations: once the fiscal cliff comes up it’s time to end it. I’m glad I got through the whole conversation and hopefully we will do something like this again soon.


~ by realfactsandbeer on December 29, 2012.

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