Debating college sports Part 1

So this blog hasn’t had new posts in a while. This is my fault but I thought I would fix this one night after getting home from work. Then I started procrastinating and ended up on facebook and IMed a contributor to this blog and we started chatting. We had an over 12,000 word chat in less than a half hour and I decided to post our conversation in parts and hopefully spark more of a debate and more ideas.

Real Facts and Beer: do these early college basketball games even matter?

Contributor: yes for both teams
the best teams in the nation get some woarm up, try stuff, figure out who they are as a team, it is good practice against easier teams
for mid-majors or less a chance to play big teams and prove themselves
take on teams of higher caliber than they would get to play in their conference

Real Facts and Beer: I don’t think it matters for teams that need to win their conference to get into the tourney (like Davidson). It only matters for teams that are going after at-large bids

Contributor: true we could get an at large bid though, outside chance but it is possible. also could help our seeding

Real Facts and Beer: Davidson has no shot at an at-large bid!

Contributor: i said outside chance

Real Facts and Beer: When you win the southern conference tourney you aren’t getting a better seed than 8 and probably no worse than 14
When you lose to New Mexico and UW-Milwaukee you aren’t getting an at-large bid unless Cohen and Brooks walk on water and at least 15 other great college teams disappear

Contributor: ok now no after NM and UW-Milwaukee but anyway
that’s my opinion on early season tournaments
and they get to travel to awesome places like maui, bahamas, disney world, etc

Real Facts and Beer: We can go to a larger question here: do these kids get anything out of these trips? When Notre Dame went to Ireland they brought their own food! Are they doing anything besides playing sports? Is it worth it for the players or the school?

Contributor: well the teams did go to the parks on the off day saturday i know that. true with the regulation of their lives it depends on what they would actually get to do. they can’t go crazy but step outside your hotel in bhamas or maui and that’s pretty sweet
sucks though not playing in front of a home or away crowd, just kinda lack of energy from fans

That will be it for this time: I sneak peak to my next question and topic of discussion: “I guess I’m trying to get into some larger questions here. One of them is what is the point of college athletics? What is the deal with this BS of student-athletes? And probably most perplexing, hardest and most interesting question: how do we “fix” this?”

So my questions: Do college sports need fixing? If they do then how do we fix them? Answer in the comments.


~ by realfactsandbeer on November 27, 2012.

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