Debate: College football craziness

Note: Today we are going to try something new, a debate format. My opinion will be under the description “Editor’s note” and in italics. We will try to tinker with this and decide how to do this in the future.

Wow what a crazy weekend for college football.

So watching my LSU Tigers tonight squeak by with a win over Ole Miss at Death Valley reminded me how I am looking forward to the playoffs in the BCS. Each week I have to worry about how the win will look. Just winning isn’t enough when you are trying to get to the top of the rankings.

Editor’s note: What was up with SEC teams playing FBS schools with week? If you want to sell yourselves as the best football conference then you should play tougher non-conference schedule.

Now I just want to see LSU at the Cotton Bowl so how they win now doesn’t matter as much. Here is a team that has gotten better as the year has gone on and let some games slip away but face it they will never get another chance to play a big opponent before the bowls.

Editor’s note: That depends on what you mean by “big opponent.” Texas or Oklahoma would have to be considered big. You guys have a pretty good chance of going to a BCS bowl.

I can’t tell you how bad I want another shot at Bama. In the NFL going undefeated is rare and it allows for some intrigue as teams win and lose and rebound or fall. Maybe with a playoff system there will be more of that.

Editor’s note: I doubt that a four team playoff won’t solve this problem. Being those top four teams is going to be just as crazy as it is now.

With Oregon and K-State losing tonight that leaves only Notre Dame undefeated. Granted who have they played? So ya there is some debate there.

Editor’s note: The Fighting Irish beat Michigan State, Michigan, Stanford and Oklahoma. They are first in the BCS in points against! Let’s turn this around: who has Alabama beat? Michigan, Mississippi State and LSU (and that LSU game could have gone either way). Notre Dame has looked more impressive than ‘Bama. I think that everyone is just struggling with confirmation bias — Alabama has been the most overrated team in the country for most of the season.

But for the first time in quite a while there is only one undefeated team left.

Editor’s note: I know people don’t care but Ohio State is also undefeated — I just think we should remind people of that.

A one-loss team will play for the BCS championship (ya I know Bama did last year but that was a special situation).

Editor’s note: By special do you mean stupid? After a horribly dull SEC championship they decided to do it again?

I like it. It has made the BCS bowls interesting and unpredictable like college football should be. I hope for more seasons like this in the future. Sorry to all the K-State and Oregon fans but as an outsider to the undefeated seasons (with that ending for LSU quite a while ago) it makes it much more interesting for me.

So there are my thoughts. Can’t wait for playoff system and enjoying the current craziness at the top of the rankings…can’t wait for the new rankings tomorrow night. Hopefully it doesn’t boost Bama too much….

Editor’s note: I am also really looking forward to the playoff system — although I will miss having debates over the different computer systems in the BCS (I have a feeling that people won’t be as thrilled to debate this with me later).


~ by realfactsandbeer on November 18, 2012.

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