All the food NOT fit to eat

Catching people up: New York Times food critic Pete Wells reviewed Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen & Bar in Times Square in an unusual style (a series of questions). Fieri defended himself, his food and claimed that Wells was trying to make a name for himself and had another agenda.

First, Wells doesn’t need to make a name for himself — he is one of the best known restaurant critics in the country. Just because he isn’t on TV doesn’t mean he isn’t a name.

On the style of the piece: I absolutely loved the sarcasm and questioning style. It was the thing the New York Post and New York Daily News do all the time and got the author’s point across very well.

Fieri also said that it isn’t fair to judge a restaurant in it’s first two months (Wells visited four times). This is tough shit. Guy, since you claim to have been in the business for 25 years I will share something that you should already know: customers judge your place the second they walk in. Nobody cares if you have been open two months or two years.

The other question is if the review was correct — does this place suck?

On Yelp: 61 reviews for 2.5 stars.

The New York Post gave it 0 stars.

Of the 28 people who voted on UrbanSpoon 35% liked it (translates to 9.8 people, which confuses me a little bit).

Anybody arguing that Wells is “bullying” Fieri needs to understand the point of a review. A review is not an advertisement, it is not meant to make the owners feel better or get people to go to this place: a review is meant to share a true opinion about a movie or art show or restaurant.

If critics only give positive reviews than why even bother reading the articles? Just look at the headline and byline and realize that the place is awesome.

If you don’t want snarky, sarcastic and opinionated people going to your restaurant then don’t come to New York.

Note: I have never been to Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen & Bar and have only heard good things from people who have actually been there.


~ by realfactsandbeer on November 15, 2012.

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