New Mexico 86, Davidson 81

Note: This is a guest post written by a Davidson alumni and is absolutely biased. This was also written at 5 a.m. but posted later since I don’t read any emails sent to me at 5 a.m.

Note 2: Our unofficial copy editor (we really need to make them official but maybe after they write an article or two) pointed out some stupid mistakes. I fixed some of them but I would really love a full time copy editing staff

So I just stayed up from 2 a.m. – 4 a.m. (not a big deal for me) to watch my Davidson Wildcats take on the New Mexico Lobos in ESPN’s 24 hours of college basketball.

Clint Mann
The next Steph Curry? Clint Mann shot his 15th and 16th 3-pointers of his college career. No word on the status of coach Bob McKillop’s heart during those shots or how shocked the town of Davidson, NC is that Mann is now shooting 66.67% from behind the arc.

When my small/tiny college (approximately 1,700 students) appears on ESPN it is always exciting. It got even better as we raced out to a huge lead (up by 16 at one point). But then it seemed like every offensive possession the Lobos the referees called a foul on the Wildcats. Now I’ve watched this team for 4 years and sometimes we get into foul trouble but never like this and the commentators had nothing to say about it. This got me thinking.

In football, we get replays of pretty much every play — especially if there is a foul — and as a spectator we get to watch the play again and see if we can spot the foul. Tonight there were very few replays and no commentary on the fouls except “Oh, New Mexico is taking lots of foul shots.”

I realize replays are hard in basketball because it moves much faster than football. But I would have loved to know if the refs were making bad calls or if my team was being that undisciplined.

The Wildcats’ next game is against UW-Milwaukee on Saturday 11/17 in Milwaukee.

The Lobos face IL-Chicago Friday 11/16 at the Paradise Jam in Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands. Don’t even ask me to compare Milwaukee to the Virgin Islands — it’s not even close or fair.

Just some thoughts that go through one’s head at 5 am after the Lobos were able to come back and take that game away from us. But anyway, GO CATS!


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