Businessweek polls attractiveness of students at B-schools

I got this from Poynter and here is the google cache of the article.

I will admit that I’m not really sure why this has morphed into a major issue. They did this for both male and female students and this happens all the time with undergraduate institutions.

If the argument is that you shouldn’t pick where to go to Business school based on the attractiveness of the guys/girls then I would say a lot of things shouldn’t affect where you go to school but do. The weather while you are at the school, the mood you are in when you visit and how pretty the buildings are have much less importance than the attractiveness of the student body but they all matter.

If the argument is that this is a sexist poll then I say they did polls for both male and female student bodies.

If you just think that Businessweek is high-brow and should not write about such trivialities: this is the argument I am most inclined to agree with. But then I looked at Businessweek’s website and found these three articles on their homepage:

How Often Do People Have Sex at the Office?
You Too Can Be Nate Silver
Genius: The Nickelback Story

I’m sorry I can’t say that these articles or Businessweek is high-brow.

I might be missing some reasons and if you have some more please put them in the comments. I just don’t really why so many people seem so upset.


~ by realfactsandbeer on November 13, 2012.

One Response to “Businessweek polls attractiveness of students at B-schools”

  1. I see no problem with the polls. I’ve been seeing them on College Prowler for years and ya it may not be a major point in choosing business school but its just interesting to see what people think

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