Beer Pong: When to re-rack

Let’s assume that we are playing 10 cup with one re-rack. When should you use that re-rack? (Images are from

Play Button

The optimal situation is to use it when you are left shooting for three cups. I would then request a “play button.” This gives you the very good possibility of hitting the cup that is off line and giving yourself the “gentlemen’s I” or “the line” and giving you a very good path to victory. However, this is only a good option if you are winning or supremely confident that you will win. Situations may dictate that you need to call for a re-rack earlier if you might lose.


The “Desperation Six” or “3-2-1” or “Triangle”: This is called “desperation” for a reason. This re-rack can lead to horrible situations in the endgame. If you are pulling this as your only re-rack then you need to be down at least two cups at this point and the other team should have called for their re-rack. Alternatively, if you have an absolutely horrible rack and you haven’t hit a shot in ten shots then this is a possibility (good games are fast games).

The D

The “D” or “Zipper”: This is a good five-cup re-rack and is optimal when the game is close. This can also provide a spark that tells you and your partner that you are halfway to the finish. This is the rack I gravitate towards when the game is close (a one cup lead for either side) or if I think my partner would be very well served by a psychological boost.

Any four-cup re-rack: I’m not a fan of these. I don’t like the “Diamond” or the “2-2 offset.” They are risky and can put you in a bad position. Some people really like these re-racks and I am always willing to deal with a partner’s wishes.

In most situations the better player should allow the worse player to pick when and what re-rack to call in the hope of having them gain confidence.


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  1. I believe it is called a DAVIDSON D!!!

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